Who Is Alzo?

Hey! I'm Alan...

Yep, that’s me. Happy as Larry on my way in to Hobbiton. Anywayyy…

I’m a twenty-something adventure addict that gets patriotic watching Braveheart (I’m Scottish). I used to work in Pizza Hut back home in Scotland but now I’m following my dream and seeing the world, one step at a time. 

What Is Alzos Adventures?

Adventure, Travel & Photography Blog

I started Alzos Adventures as a hobby for my travels, a means of keeping friends and family up-dated on what I’m up to. I’ve always had a creative mind so I’ve tried to convert that creativeness into writing. I want to share my adventures with everyone and inspire them to have their own. Over time and dedication, I’ll be able to provide reviews of companies I’ve had tours through and hopefully provide promotions, discounts and advice for anyone looking to have a bit of an adventure! 

Why Did I Want To Travel?

To Make Life An Adventure

Growing up, I was an adventurous kid. I wanted to be an archaeologist just like Indiana Jones… Until I realized archaeology isn’t how it is in the films. Regardless, I wanted the adventure and took it into my own hands to have my own.

I’m also a MASSIVE Lord of the Rings fan. Ever since I watched the Fellowship of the Ring, I wanted to see the real Middle-Earth. Visiting New Zealand and following my childhood dream served as inspiration to travel and now I am living my dreams and having my adventures.

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