Hey, I'm Alzo!

This is always the awkward part, trying to introduce yourself… Well here goes, my name’s actually Alan. I’m a Scottish adventure addict with a love for photography. I’m a part time traveler and full time explorer, whether it be a mountain, forest, castle, day tour or adrenaline filled activity! Anything to get me out of the house really. Come join me on my adventures, connect with me on social media and let’s explore this beautiful world we share! 

Adventures, Travel & Photography

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to do something adventurous with my life. I originally wanted to be a archaeologist, just like Indiana Jones. Until I realized archaeology isn’t all about fighting Nazis and running away from massive boulders. Watching those films was probably what inspired me to travel and see the world. Photography only came to me quite recently but I’ve developed quite a passion for it, I take my camera everywhere with me. One day, I hope to sell my photos, have a wee look at my photo galleries and contact me if your interested!