About Alzo & his adventures

Who is ALzo?

Hey! My name is actually Alan.

I’m a former manager and waiter at Pizza Hut, now a travel consultant with Uniquely Scotland. You could call me an adrenaline addict, I’m always on the lookout for my next adrenaline fuelled activity. I have a passion for all things adventurous, whether it be jumping out a plane at 14,000ft or climbing a mountain. Anything that gets the adrenaline pumping really. I’m also a keen photographer and wildlife enthusiast. Both go hand-in-hand! I love getting out and about with my camera and capturing that beauty of our natural world and its inhabitants. 

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What is Alzos Adventures?

When I left home to travel in Australia and New Zealand, I thought starting a travel blog was a great idea. Originally it was a way for me to share my stories and photos with everyone back home. Over time, I want to build the website to be much more. I’m hoping that in some way, it will inspire the readers to get out and explore the world, face fears and have some fun.  

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What Inspired Me?

Mostly iconic figures.

I grew up watching the likes of Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls. They really taught me about the beauty and dangers of the world and how to survive in it. I wanted to live life just like them, love & respect nature and be ready for anything that life throws at you. I’m also a movie-geek, Indiana Jones is one of my favourite box sets. When I was younger, I wanted to be be an archaeologist, just like Indiana Jones. Well, that was until I found out archaeology doesn’t include running from massive boulders and fighting Nazis. I still wanted the hat though. Lord of the Rings also had a MASSIVE part to play as another of my favourite box sets. If it wasn’t for those films, it wouldn’t have been my dream to travel to New Zealand and see the real life Middle-Earth. 

What's your inspiration for travel? I'd love to know!