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Adventuring in Auckland

I finally caught up with the Kiwi Experience in Taupo. It was only an overnight stop and by the time I got there it was about 6pm already. I decided to go get myself a burger then retire to bed and recover from the previous night. Its fine anyway I’ll be back in Taupo in a few days so I can conquer the Tongariro Crossing (and Mount Doom). Once I had re-joined with the Kiwi Experience bus I was on my way to Auckland. With the way my itinerary worked out, I was spending 2 nights here.

Day 1

So after the long bus journey from Taupo – Auckland, I got into the Nomads Hostel and set my stuff down. Then I went off out into the city to explore a bit. The city centre reminded me of New York in a weird way – it has a street with all the luxurious shops, bit like 5th Avenue in NY. Also all the high rise buildings and offices, I feel like if Scotland and USA had a baby – it would be New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong that’s just my opinion, someone else probably thinks something entirely different. Regardless, its a pretty cool place.

After a few hours of navigating my way round streets and shops I decided it was time to head back to the hostel. I managed to find a ‘New World’ supermarket on my way and ended up getting myself some chicken noodles for dinner. For the remainder of my evening I just chilled out in the common room then went on to read my book. (I had bought ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck’ at the airport on my way to NZ.)

– Skytower at night

Day 2

I got up about 7am, got myself showered and ready for the day ahead. With a coffee in hand, I managed to get a wee phone call to my Mum & Dad and then I face-timed Scoob. I miss them but so far I’m absolutely loving New Zealand which kind of balances it out. Anyway less of the soppy stuff, I headed out to Rangitoto Island. A return ticket for the ferry was $33. Rangitoto is a volcanic island just to the northeast of Auckland. Also, Rangitoto is the largest and most recent of the Auckland volcanoes.

Once I got to the island, I got the camera out and started to hike. The ascent roughly takes an hour, its not that high! (260m/850ft) The reward for the climb is a stunning view of the city. Not to mention being able to walk around the crater of a volcano. I spent a while taking in the views and strolling around the crater then I made my way back down and towards the lava caves.

The caves were pretty cool,  cave tunnels left behind from liquid lava. Of course, me being me, I had to go through the caves. It was pitch black for sections, luckily I had the trusty iPhone at hand for a torch. Once I had explored the little caves, I headed back to the pier to catch the ferry. There was still plenty to do on the island but its quite a distance to cover and I had my fun.

Arriving back at the city, I decided to go do a bit of shopping. Got myself a pair of jeans for just $20, also in a size 32, I must be losing weight! I also got a couple of accessories for my backpack. Then back to the hostel to make myself dinner. The rest of the evening I spent lounging about, typing away at this and editing my video footage for YouTube. Hopefully I’ll get half decent Wi-Fi soon and be able to upload it! I’ll post the link below once I do.

Cheers for reading!

One love,


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