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Hobbiton Movie Set – An Expected Journey

I finally made it. My childhood dream became reality and I visited the Hobbiton Movie Set – and LOVED every minute of it. Like honestly, there was a grin on my face from start to finish. The tour itself is amazing, the guides are very good, giving plenty of information. The original set from Lord of the Rings was apparently never as detailed and it was only a rough guide to where the Hobbit holes were but when they started the Hobbit trilogy, they decided to make the set durable so that fans were able to visit.

The Tour of Hobbiton

So the tour is roughly 2 hours long, times vary occasionally. You begin about 10 minutes drive away, at the ticket office. From there you jump on a bus and drive towards the farm where the film set is located and there is a TV with an introduction and a little about how they discovered the location. The farm that the Hobbiton Movie Set is situated on is the Alexander Farm, and only takes up about 1% of the actual farm land. You start the tour in “Gandalf’s way” which is where the scene at the start of The Fellowship of the Ring is filmed and you meet Gandalf for the first time. The tour continues through Hobbiton, passing so many different Hobbit holes. There are some scaled to 90% and some to 60% to make the actors look bigger or smaller for different scenes. Eventually you arrive at Bag End, what a magical place! I was proper geeking out by this point but unfortunately you cannot enter the actual Hobbit hole. After Bag End, you walk past Sam’s Hobbit hole and some more of the areas of Hobbiton until you reach The Green Dragon!

The Green Dragon

As part of the tour, guests actually get to have a pint in The Green Dragon! There are choices from 2 ales, cider or non alcoholic ginger beer. I went with the 5% ale and thoroughly enjoyed it, usually at tours and replications of movies the drinks aren’t the greatest but this was actually lovely. The interior of The Green Dragon was fully furbished and really looked the part. I managed to get a photo behind the bar too, the staff were so friendly and inviting. If your hungry there are a pies and muffins to keep you satisfied. Over all this was one of my favourite parts of the tour, just able to relax and look around at my own pace.

The Gift Shop

Because this is the only time in my life that I will probably be at Hobbiton, I kind of went over the top at the gift shop. I ended up buying a map, the actual One Ring and a movie set hoody. In hind sight this was really stupid but my passion for Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit took over. Overall the shop was great, there is so much merchandise for guests on the tour. Part of the gift shop is set up like the interior of Bag End. Its not the same as actually entering Bag End but it was pretty cool being able to sit at Bilbo’s desk.

I honestly loved every second of being in Hobbiton. For every Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit fan, I would urge you to go see the set. The magical feeling you get from actually standing in The Shire is indescribable. Definitely worth the ticket price I paid – $95!

I’ll try get my photo gallery up and running soon so I can share my photos with you all. Wi-Fi in some of these places is absolutely horrendous.

Well thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

One Love,


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2 thoughts on “Hobbiton Movie Set – An Expected Journey

  1. U seem be packing a lot in that’s for sure, missed u at our family wedding Saturday lol photos not same without you 🤪

    1. Constantly on the go, every day is an adventure! Im gutted i wasnt there, should have facetimed lol hope you had a great night!

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