Back To Normality


Definitely feel like I’m back to normality now. Suzanne and I are both working, we just got ourselves a wee flat and the weather hasn’t been the greatest.

Working Away

I managed to land myself a job at a place called ‘Enzo’s on the Beach’ and Suzanne is at a place called ‘AquaVue’. We’re both working in hospitality, right on the beach. Its weird working in Australia, I feel like I’m in holiday mode which makes going to work hard but I know its worth it. Everyone is so chilled out and it isn’t as hectic as it is back home. We’ll see how it goes when it starts getting in to season though. I have to admit that working at a bar on the beach is pretty cool.

Finding A Flat

To save ourselves a bit of money, we searched for a flatshare. We got a viewing for a room that was basically in a hotel complex. It was pretty cheap, only $150 per week. The room, living area and kitchen were pretty small and basic. However, the view was stunning, we were looking right out on to the beach an sea with Fraser Island in the distance. There was no Wi-Fi though which was strange for a hotel complex. After thinking about it, we decided not to go with that one and it was back to the drawing board.

After another week in a hostel and trying to find somewhere, we came across another flatshare. This time it was $185 per week but thats still way cheaper than a hostel. This flat had everything we needed… a spacious room, a lovely open planned living area and Wi-Fi. The view isn’t as nice as the first flat but you can still slightly see the ocean and a little of Fraser Island. So we decided to go for this one and we have just moved in.

The ‘Storm’

Another thing that has made it feel like we’re back to normality is the ‘storm’ we’ve been having. It started last Thursday, the skies were black and the government put Hervey Bay on lockdown. Everyone with an Australian number even got a warning text saying “tornado warning… seek shelter”. I was at work at the time, we closed earlier than usual but I’ve had worse wind back home. It was still pretty scary to receive that text, it was probably wrong that I was actually a little excited at the idea of seeing a proper tornado… what a let down!

For the past 4 or 5 days though, the skies have been grey and its been raining. Definitely like back home. Only here, it is proper thunder and lightning. Not much time for sunbathing but the week coming is looking promising.

Another weekly update completed. Because we’re not really up to much the now, I’m going to try focus on making the blog run faster and post more travel tips that I’ve learned along the way.
Thanks for reading!

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    Thomasina Cameron

    Glad in flat more homely looks lovely, happy now u have jobs canโ€™t live without money xx

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