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It’s been quite a while since my last post about returning home after travelling. I would say I’ve finally adjusted to living back home and now it’s time to start sharing my daft adventures again. Over the next few months, I’ve got a list of places I want to see and mountains that I want to climb. I’m going to try write about each mountain and use some sort of rating system. I’ll start with my latest adventure from the weekend… climbing Ben Venue with my best mate, Scoob.

Ben Venue

Category – Graham

Height – 729 metres (2,392ft)

Location – Trossachs National Park at the Southern end of Loch Katrine

Difficulty – Moderate

Timing – 5-6 hours

Rating – 8/10

Despite only being a ‘Graham’ (mountain in Scotland between 2,000ft and 2,500ft), Ben Venue feels just as rewarding as a Munro. The car park can be found if you pass through Callander and Kilmahog and take the A821 cut off. Keep driving along that road and to the Northern end of Loch Achray. Just 2 minutes along from the car park for Ben A’an, you will see the sign for the Ben Venue car park. Take £3 in coins for parking, the card machine doesn’t always work and it’s better than risking a ticket.

The first 30-45 minutes of the trail winds up through forestry and can feel sort of tedious. Once you get out of the forest line though, and into a large valley, it starts to get somewhat easier and provides a lot better views. As you steadily make your way further round the mountain before ascending, you come across a massive waterfall and a boggy bit of land. After that, you can head further up to the end of the valley and get a stunning view of Loch Katrine or follow the path right and scramble upwards.

The path eventually comes to a fork. You can turn left and it takes you to Ben Venue’s summit or turn right and head for Ben Venue’s East Top summit. My advice would be to head left to Ben Venue’s summit and then progress on to the East Top. Again, despite Ben Venue only being a Graham, what a view from the top. You can see a part of the Highland boundary fault line (the separation between the Highlands and the Lowlands) which is pretty spectacular. We even saw the unique shape of ‘The Cobbler’ away in the distance at Arrochar! 

My Thoughts

Overall, I would say Ben Venue is a decent mountain to take on. I don’t know if it’s because I’m out of shape but it was pretty sore to climb, yet so rewarding. Definitely worth the pain though, the view from the summit is honestly beautiful. I would recommend giving it a try.

What mountains would you recommend to climb? I have a list but open to more suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Ben Venue – The Trossachs”

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    Thomasina Cameron

    Fabulous sounds very professional to me, glad ur settling a bit better, so what’s ur next climb x

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Tomi! Thought it was about time to start posting again lol not sure, hoping to do Ben Macdui or Ben More soon and Scot said Robert and Natalie were wanting to do Buachaille Etive again, see how the plans turn out! X

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