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Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond)

Another Munro to check off, the Loch Lomond Ben Vorlich. Mentally, it’s a great hike but physically, it’s an absolute beast! One minute everything’s going smooth then out of nowhere… sheer incline! Another hike done with Scoob, Teej, Gord and Megan. Despite some bad weather, it was a great wee day out!

Ben Vorlich

Category – Munro

Height – 943 metres (3,094 ft)

Location – Inveruglas, Loch Lomond

Difficulty Rating – 9/10

Approximate Timing – 5 – 7 hours

Pronunciation – Byn Voar-lich

Ben Vorlich (hill of the bay) is the second of two Ben Vorlich’s that I’ve done. The first one (Loch Earn Ben Vorlich) was difficult and we had poor visibility. This one, well that was even harder and we also had poor visibility. To get there, you can follow the A811 from Stirling, all the way to Balloch. Then follow the A82 North up to a little place called Inveruglas. Just as you pass the Loch Sloy Hydro Electric Building, there’s a Visitor Centre on the right. Park there, you may need to pay, so remember to take some coins! An alternative route would be to follow the M8 to Glasgow. Follow the M898/ A898 towards Old Kilpatrick (signs for Dumbarton). From there, follow the A82 through Dumbarton and up to Balloch. Same route from there.

The path begins a little back the way, make your way back past the Hydro Station and follow the little signs saying Cowal way. You’ll eventually head under a railway bridge, just follow the tarmac from there. After a kilometre or so, you’ll pass a large electrical substation then you’ll see three visible mountains. First on the left is A’Chrois, Ben Vane (see HERE!) is straight ahead and Ben Vorlich is on the right. Anyway, head for the dam at Loch Sloy. Not far from it, in a blink and you’ll miss it moment, there’s a little staircase leading up to the right. That’s where the absolute hell begins. I’m not joking, it’s literally sheer incline and steps from there. Throw in a bit of scrambling nearer the top and you have a right good climb!

There’s a wee bit of a false summit but keep following the wee path and you’ll get there eventually. It levels out for a brief spell then a last push to the summit. If your legs aren’t burning by this point, you’re a machine. From the summit, I would imagine you get a cracker of a view. Unfortunately, we have no luck with the Ben Vorlichs and we couldn’t see much through clouds and mist. It’s still rewarding, nonetheless. Have your piece, get your photo and then time to head back down.

It won’t take as long heading down but it’ll give your knees a hard time. All those steps, not pleasant on the way up, not pleasant on the way down either. Once you reach the tarmac though, it’s plain sailing back to the visitor centre!

My Thoughts

I’m a bit gutted about not getting the reward of a view at the top but still pleased to have done it. It was some challenge getting up the steep incline, but rewarding to know you’ve done it. I can imagine the view would be incredible, having Loch Lomond and the Trossachs on one side, the Arrochar Alps on the other. Nothing to stop me going back up another time! I’ve also noticed a big difference in my fitness, as sore as it was, I still felt there was a big difference.

I’ve attached a few of the photos below for you to have a wee look at. Let me know what you think of them in the comment section below! I’ve also been working on my Portfolio, I’ll have it finished by the weekend, I would imagine. I’ll aim to have a post published on Saturday and I’ll provide a link there!

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6 thoughts on “Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond)

  1. Once again well written , shame wasn’t clear day but pictures still good👍 Glad you’re all enjoying the climbs x

  2. Good description. Only thing to mention is that the summit is not actually at the trig point but around 200m along the plateau (about 2m higher)…. something I didn’t realise till I got back down!

      1. Contrary to alot of other people’s opinions, it was one of my favourite hikes, probably due to the amazing cloud inversion I was greeted with, so will no doubt be up at some point again in future!

        1. I know what you mean, it is a cracker of a hike… and it’s an amazing getting a cloud inversion, really adds to the experience! I’ll need to go back up someday as well for my youtube series I’ve started and bag it properly

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