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Skydive With Tandem Cairns

Day 2 of our East Coast travels had us jumping out a plane at 14,000ft. UNBELIEVABLE!! Loved every second of it! Another thing checked off the bucket list. It was such an amazing experience.

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Diving At The Great Barrier Reef

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! An absolutely amazing day out. The tour we were on was called the ‘Great Barrier Reef Day Trip with Intro Dive’ – pretty self explanatory! We done it with the Island Diver Crew, they were amazing and extremely helpful!

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What To Pack For Long Term Travel

When you’re going on a holiday for a few weeks or whatever, you pack accordingly to the location and duration. Packing to go travelling for 6+ months is totally different.

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Spending Christmas In Hervey Bay

Spending Christmas in Hervey Bay was a strange experience. It was the first time that I was away from family for the Christmas period AND I was spending it in the sun. To wake up on Christmas day to 27 degree heat, it’s just not right.

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Trying to Plan An Australian Road Trip

In the past week we’ve started trying to plan our East coast road-trip. However, trying to fit it all in to our budget is proving difficult. It doesn’t help that we’re wanting to do it in the peak season but we’re trying our best to sort it out.

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Eventful Couple Of Weeks In Hervey Bay

After my last few posts about Bucket Lists and Places I’d Like To See, I thought I would do another update on life in Hervey Bay. It’s been quite an eventful couple of weeks…

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Why Everyone Should Have A Bucket List

I’m sure everyone has heard the term “Bucket List”. It’s the list of things that you want to do before you inevitably ‘kick the bucket’. It gives you something to look forward to and is a huge part of keeping life fun and interesting…

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10 Must Do’s In New Zealand

There is so much to see and do in New Zealand, from adventurous activities to cultural experiences. Here are (in my opinion) 10 must do’s when you’re there…

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Living In Hervey Bay

Hey everyone, apologies for not posting in a while. Living in Hervey Bay is pretty dull, I’ve mostly been working away and trying to work on the site. I finally managed to get some sort of photo gallery working. Suzanne and I also managed to go whale watching, just before the end of the season.

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