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Adventures in Australia

Having spent just under 12 months in Australia, there were no shortage of adventures. From sky-diving in Cairns to cage-diving with crocodiles in Darwin. So have a wee read and you might get some inspiration for your next adventure in Australia! 

The Cage Of Death

What do you do when your homeward flight gets cancelled? Jump in the “Cage of Death” at Crocosaurus Cove probably isn’t the answer but it’s what we done. I’ve been buzzing to do this since I found out it was a thing.

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Exploring Fitzroy Island

On Thursday, it was our last full day in Cairns. So, we decided to spend it exploring Fitzroy Island. It’s somewhere we had never been before.

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Scenic Flights & Barrier Reefs

‘Scenic Flights & Barrier Reefs’ is all about another iconic location we’ve revisited. Can you guess which one? Yep, the Great Barrier Reef. I mean why would we not go back?

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Return to Whitsundays

Yesterday, we made our return to Whitsundays. Last time we were there, we got caught in a cyclone. This time turned out a bit different.

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The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a must! It’s one of the worlds most scenic coastal drives, stretching 243km along the southern coast of Victoria, west of Melbourne.

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Dolphin Kayaking At Byron Bay

Dolphin Kayaking at Byron Bay never went completely as planned. Our first attempt was cancelled due to a SHARK attack then our second attempt, we never saw any dolphins…

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Crikey! What A Day At Australia Zoo!

When you’re in Australia, Australia Zoo is surely high up on your must-see list! I know it was top of mine anyway! There’s also a link to a petition at the bottom to help save the crocs after a legislation was passed to harvest wild croc eggs! Please help defend these magnificent animals and click the link to sign it!

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Scooteroo Motorbikes At 1770

Scooteroo has surprisingly been one of my favourite activities so far! When first booking the activity package, we weren’t sure whether or not to keep it in as a way to save money but I am glad we did.

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Whitsundays – SV Whitehaven, 2 Days 1 Night

Whitsundays is surely one of the most famous areas in all of Australia. It looks like a paradise. White beaches, tropical trees, crystal clear waters and scorching sunshine. However, that’s not what we got. Everything looked to be true, except for the sunshine, we got torrential rain.

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Cape Tribbbin’ With Uncle Brians

Tour number 3. Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest. The tour is called Cape Tribbbin’ with Uncle Brians. It was absolutely fantastic! I loved it and would urge anyone to go!

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