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This is my story. From anything that has went wrong to how I’ve felt during my travels. Have a wee read through and it might help in some way. 

Abandoned In Australia

As the title suggests, we feel abandoned in Australia. Our flights have been cancelled, our rescheduled flights have been cancelled and no-one is answering our calls.​

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Down the A9 From Dornoch

Part 2 of our road trip, down the A9 from Dornoch. I was going to do a post of Dornoch but we never really spent a lot of time there. There was plenty of history to be soaked up along the way.

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The Scenic Route To Dornoch

What an epic weekend, I spent Saturday climbing Buachaille Etive Mor and on Sunday I took the scenic route to Dornoch. It was my girlfriend, Soozie’s birthday the other week

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Returning Home After Travelling

Returning home after travelling is a strange experience. You hear people talk about what it’s like to leave but rarely about what it’s like to come back

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Finding A Job In Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia and arguably the most popular amongst backpackers. Which creates a problem when it comes to finding a job.

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Spending Christmas In Hervey Bay

Spending Christmas in Hervey Bay was a strange experience. It was the first time that I was away from family for the Christmas period AND I was spending it in the sun. To wake up on Christmas day to 27 degree heat, it’s just not right.

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Trying to Plan An Australian Road Trip

In the past week we’ve started trying to plan our East coast road-trip. However, trying to fit it all in to our budget is proving difficult. It doesn’t help that we’re wanting to do it in the peak season but we’re trying our best to sort it out.

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Eventful Couple Of Weeks In Hervey Bay

After my last few posts about Bucket Lists and Places I’d Like To See, I thought I would do another update on life in Hervey Bay. It’s been quite an eventful couple of weeks…

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