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Bringing In A New Year In Hervey bay

We’re now in 2019! So, Happy New Year everyone, hope you all have an amazing year and all the best wishes for the year ahead! I had an absolutely amazing 2018 and I plan on making 2019 even better. I wrote a post about Christmas in Hervey Bay so it’s only fitting that I write a post about the New Year as well. It was the first time I spent Hogmany away from home and the first time I spent it sober in about 9 or 10 years, that was a shock to the system – Hogmany is the Scottish term for New Year’s Eve for my non-Scottish readers. The only reason I spent it sober was because I was working all night.

During The Day On Hogmany

There isn’t much to talk about for during the day. Suzanne and I woke up relatively early, headed down to the shop to get a few things for New Year’s Day dinner and other things that we needed. We withdrew our Christmas money from our Scottish accounts and deposited it into our Australian accounts. Our money for our trip is slowly coming together! The excitement is definitely building. Once we got back to the flat, we had some lunch and then I went for a nap in preparation for the night ahead. As I headed off for work, Suzanne went for a wee walk along the beach to watch the sunset and fireworks. Not bad for some! I’m gutted that I never got the chance to bring in the bells with her but my mind is set on the Aussie dollars.

Working For The Bells

My shift started at 4pm on the 31st December and I finally clocked out at 4.30am in the morning. A tough shift to say the least. I remember the moment the fireworks went off and the clocks struck 12, I was in the middle of shaking up a few cocktails whilst everyone was cheering and celebrating. It was a good night though, despite how busy it was. I was on the cocktail station all night which was pretty enjoyable and a great experience. As the night progressed, the bar shut at 1am and all the customers were leaving by around 2am. That’s when the real hard work started, trying to tidy up the carnage left behind. Eventually, we finished and I got in to the flat at 5am. After eating a pizza and sitting out on the balcony to watch the sun rise, I went to bed.

New Year’s Day

I finally awoke at about 1pm on New Year’s Day, still absolutely shattered. Suzanne had already woke up, made breakfast and went to the beach. So I quickly had my pancakes and headed down to meet up with her. I was still absolutely knackered though and only managed to spend 2 hours or so down at the beach before heading back to the flat. I tried to stay awake but failed miserably and Suzanne woke me up when she got back. Suzanne then started to make our steak pie from scratch and I have to admit, it was absolutely delicious! After dinner, we sat down and watched Indiana Jones. Not exactly Suzanne’s first choice film but I really wanted to watch it. Almost as soon as the film finished we dropped off to sleep, no idea how I was still tired but I was.

Now that we’re in 2019, the countdown until our adventure begins. The way it stands at work, I’m in for the next 7 days and potentially (depending on the roster) I might be in for the next 5 after that. Which would mean that my next day off would be the day that I leave Hervey bay. Not that I’m complaining, I’ve got my sights on 2 good wages before I leave!

So that’s how we brought in a New Year in Hervey Bay. I hope you all had a great time! What did you get up to? How did you bring in the New Year? Let me know in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “Bringing In A New Year In Hervey bay

  1. Happy new year guys.!! All the best for 2019. Have a ball x I was working too mate Hogmanay and New Year’s Day both 12 hour nightshifts so I’m celebrating tonight for the Man City Liverpool game x

    1. Thank you and Happy new year!! All the best for the year ahead!
      Enjoy the game, should be a good one x

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