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Cape Tribbbin’ With Uncle Brians

Tour number 3. Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest. The tour is called Cape Tribbbin’ with Uncle Brians. It was absolutely fantastic! I loved it and would urge anyone to go! But if you do, I must warn you about the mozzies. Suzanne and I got eaten alive!!

The Tour

Morning/ Port Douglas

Lawrence, our driver, picked us up around 7.25am. You arrange a pick up time and location when re-confirming the tour. After a few stops to pick others up, you head on to Cook Highway. It’s an hour drive to Port Douglas, where you have an hour or so break to have coffee and something to eat. You can swim at the beach when it’s nice weather. Unfortunately we were in wet season. It had been stormy as well so stingers/ jellyfish were more likely to be near shore. The kind that can fatally sting you. Next up is the oldest rainforest in the world – Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest.

Noon/ Cape Tribulation

30 or 40 minutes after crossing the Daintree River into the Daintree Rainforest National Park, you stop at PK’s Jungle Village to have lunch (included in the tour). It’s a lovely stop and such a beautiful area. As we were there in wet season, it was raining but it’s called a rainforest for a reason! At PK’s we could see some huge golden orb spiders. They were as big as my hand! In an attempt to face my fears I walked under them and got as close as I could. After lunch, you can take a walk to see the Cape Tribulation beach. I can imagine it’s beautiful but for us it was torrential rain so we never hung around for long! It’s also an area that has crocs so be careful when you go!

Afternoon/ Daintree Rainforest

Next on the itinerary is a stop at a fresh water river where it’s actually croc free and safe to swim! There’s even a swing to jump in from. Of course… I had a shot. It was extremely refreshing and I enjoyed splashing around for a bit before getting back on the bus. It reminded me of when I was younger and jumping into rivers back home. Next up… Croc Cruise!!

Afternoon/ Daintree Village

The croc cruise lasts for around an hour. A guide takes you up and down the Daintree River in a wee boat looking for the crocodiles. We were lucky enough to see a python and a bird of prey as well as 2 crocs. It’s a fantastic way to end the tour, I’m just gutted that I never saw more! But, that’s nature/ wild animals, you just never know what you’ll get.

Price & Where To Book

If you are looking to book this tour, it is $159 from Happy Travels. We managed to get it as part of our activity package. You can go directly through Uncle Brians and the price the same. Alternatively, most travel agents in Cairns offer the tour!

Our Driver, Lawrence.

I hope I’ve spelled his name right. Anyway, our driver was absolutely fantastic. If you choose to go for this tour and are lucky enough to get him, you won’t be disappointed! His banter and chat reminded of my driver on the Kiwi Experience (Check out that post HERE). It makes all the difference when you have a fun and energetic driver. It really makes the trip enjoyable and unforgettable!

Another adventure over. They are going by far too fast! I’d love to just do stuff like this everyday, it’s amazing! I’m having the time of my life! Check out my photos from the excursion down below!

I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know what you thought! If you’ve ever been to Cape Tribulation And Daintree Rainforest, what tour did you? I would love to hear about other tours!

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