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Crikey! What A Day At Australia Zoo!

When you’re in Australia, Australia Zoo is surely high up on your must-see list! I know it was top of mine anyway! After 7 months of patiently waiting, I finally got to live out my childhood dream and visit the Home of the Crocodile Hunter! What an absolutely amazing day it was!

Price & Times

You don’t need to book Australia Zoo, you can just turn up at the door on the day! Admission is $59 so unless you get a better price, just pay upon entry! Or if you can get a reasonable price for transport & entry, go for that! The Zoo is open nearly every day of the year (only closed Christmas Day), 9am-5pm . However, some of the animals go to bed around 4.30pm!


There is such a diverse collection of animals at the Zoo! From the obvious Crocodiles to Koalas, Kangaroos and even Tigers! All the animal exhibits are extremely well maintained and set out into different colour schemes on the map. Make you’re way round the zoo one exhibit at a time and see some of these amazing creatures up close. Be sure to head to the Koala walk-through and pat the cuter than imaginable Koalas and feed the Kangaroos at the Kangaroo walk-throughs! Don’t forget about the shows though!


Throughout the day there are a variety of shows, most famous being the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors at the Crocoseum! Here are the shows and times from when we were there:

  • 10.00am – Tortoises
  • 10.30am – Morning Otters
  • 11.15am – Tiger Keeper Talk
    12.00pm – Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
    1.30pm – Koalas
    2.00pm – Tiger Show
    2.30pm – Afternoon Croc Show
    3.00pm – Birds Of Prey
    3.30pm – Afternoon Otters

We tried to see as many as possible but we missed a few. Try plan your day and look at that map so that you’re in the right location at the right time!

What You Need To Take

There are a few things that you should take to Australia Zoo. Firstly, and most importantly, a camera! You can get some amazing shots up close with Koalas, Kangaroos and even Lemurs! Secondly… money and lots of it. As to be expected, the Zoo is not a cheap place to eat and then you have the gift shops as well! Not to mention the extras you can pay for but i’ll go into them next! If you don’t want to pay for food, take a packed lunch with you. Always a good money saver! Make sure you take a water bottle and plenty of sun cream, you’ll be outside for most of the day!


There are so many extras at Australia Zoo. You can have unique encounters with all sorts of different animals for an additional price. Then there are the photos with animals which are pretty expensive. You can even get a sneak peak of the wildlife hospital for just $2!! Alternatively for about $60, you can get a segway tour and go behind the scenes with a guide – crikey!

Help Save The Crocs

After visiting the Zoo, I feel like it’s my part to mention the new legislation that’s been put into place in Queensland. It enables crocodile eggs in the wild to be removed and harvested for products made of the crocodile skin! It could be disastrous to the wild crocodile population, they are already categorised as ‘vulnerable’ and they need YOUR help to stop it! Please visit to find out more and fill in the petition to overturn this legislation! Thank You!

Our day at Australia Zoo was absolutely amazing. My favourite was definitely the crocodiles! I can see why Steve Irwin was so in love with them. We managed to see everything we wanted to and more, I just wish we had more time (and money) to do everything that was available! One day, I’ll be back and I’ll do animal encounters and private tours! One day…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful! Have a wee look and let me know what you think of some of the photos I got in the gallery below AND check out my YouTube Vlog HERE!!

Have you ever been to Australia Zoo? What was you’re favourite animal? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about your time there!

Thanks for reading,


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