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Diving At The Great Barrier Reef

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! An absolutely amazing day out diving at The Great Barrier Reef. The tour we were on was called the ‘Great Barrier Reef Day Trip with Intro Dive’ – pretty self explanatory! We done it with the Island Diver Crew, they were amazing and extremely helpful!

The Tour


The check in point was at the Marlin Marina at 9am for a 9.30am departure.When you board the boat, you are handed a few forms to fill out regarding health and safety and PADI certified documents for diving. Upon departure, you will get a detailed safety briefing about diving that lasts around 20 minutes. The boat journey to the Outer Reef takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes but once you arrive there is no time wasted in getting you in the water. Everyone is split into groups of 3 for their dive. I’ll go into the diving experience next! While other groups are out diving, you can jump in the water and snorkel around the area to see all the wonderful marine life. After around 2 hours and once everyone has had an intro dive, it’s time to get back on board for a spot of lunch.


The lunch was actually lovely, with a large variety of food available in a buffet style. Once everyone is fed, there is no wasting time and your off to the next stop! After your first dive, you are given the option to do another at the next stop for $60. Unfortunately we couldn’t because we had a skydive booked for the next day and that would clash with health and safety.

The snorkelling at the next stop is brilliant and you can swim a short(ish) distance to an island to chill out on. In-between the boat and the island there is plenty of marine life to see so make sure you don’t just rush to the destination! When everyone is back on board, you can check out the photos that have been taken of your scuba diving experience. Then it is time to relax for the return to Cairns. All in all, it really is a full day trip – lasting from 9am until 5/5.30pm!

The Dive

The dive itself lasts roughly 30 mins in a group of 3. Your instructor takes you through all the safety again and gets you to practice underwater techniques for inflation of the jacket, how to get rid of water in your mask and what to do if the regulator comes away from your mouth. Our instructor was called Sebastian and he was absolutely fantastic.

Our group of 3 ended up just being myself and Suzanne as the other girl panicked and didn’t want to do it. Suzanne was also pretty nervous and worried but Sebastian was amazing with her. He held her hand under water and helped her every step of the way. After diving to depths of 10 metres, the camera man takes a few pictures.You also get to swim around to see all the marine life up close and you even get to touch a sea cucumber! Then you ascend slowly to equalise.

Where To Book & Price

We booked our tour through Happy Travels as part of our East Coast activity package. The usual price for the tour on its own is around $210. Definitely a reasonable price considering all you get with the experience! Bucket list kind of stuff!


Upon boarding the ship, there is a $20 port, reef and fuel levy which isn’t bad when you think about it! For the snorkelling, you can hire a camera for the day at $45. Unfortunately you can’t use it on your introductory dive, the instructors want you to focus on learning the basics of diving. However, there is a professional photographer who takes photos of you on your dive. You can buy a single photo for $15 or all of your photos for $30. It was my first experience of proper diving AND it was the Great Barrier Reef, you can’t find that anywhere else!

So that’s the diving at the Great Barrier Reef tour done, I would 110% recommend this tour and this company if you visit Cairns. Absolutely amazing experience!

Have you ever been to Cairns? Did you go diving at The Great Barrier Reef? What tour did you do? Let me know in the comment section below! And let me know what you thought of this post too! Next up… Sky-diving! 

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