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Dolphin Kayaking At Byron Bay

Dolphin Kayaking at Byron Bay never went completely as planned. Our first attempt was cancelled due to a SHARK attack then our second attempt, we never saw any dolphins… until we got back to the beach! Luckily, with the tour policy, we can go back at any time for a free tour because we never saw any in the kayaks!

Price & Where To Book

The tour price is $69, which is reasonable considering the price of the kayaking in Noosa AND this one is guided! Much like every other activity, this one can be booked through most travel agents or directly through Cape Byron Kayaks themselves.

The Tour

There are 2 time slots available, morning (8.30am) and afternoon (1.30pm I think). Ours was the morning. You meet up at the kayak shack 15 minutes prior to it starting to fill out a waiver and get the equipment sorted. For our first attempt, we had met up, got all our equipment and a briefing then only to find out the beach was closed due to a shark attack earlier that morning. I’ll go into more detail about the shark attack later. So we rescheduled for the next day, went through it all again and set off. You’re out on the water for roughly 2 – 2.5 hours, kayaking over waves and trying to spot wildlife. On a clear day, you can see to the bottom of the ocean and spot turtles, rays and the occasional shark. Unfortunately for us, the clouds came over and the water started looking pretty dark. Once you’re out towards Cape Byron, you’re meant to be able to see Dolphins surfing the waves and coming out the water! However, we saw absolutely nothing. After a while, you head back to the beach for some morning/ afternoon tea! With just our luck, once we were back at the beach, a couple of dolphins could be spotted just off shore so we got to see them from a distance at least! Overall, the tour and staff are brilliant, it just so happens that we have no luck and it kind of made the tour a bit boring for us. Thankfully, due to a policy, we can go back at any time for free (if we’re ever in the area again).

The Shark Attack

So the shark attack that occurred was in the early morning around 6.30am. A couple of guys thought they would catch some waves but unfortunately, one of them was attacked. It’s rumoured that the shark in question was a juvenile Great White and the man who was attacked is in critical condition at hospital. I’ve always wanted to see a Great White out in the wild but hearing about an attack so close to us was pretty scary! Won’t put me off going diving with them if I get the chance mind you!

That’s the last activity from our package completed, now it’s just a long drive to Melbourne. There will hopefully be some adventures along the way but most of our time is going to be driving now. Absolutely gutted our road-trip is nearly over! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all my posts over these past few weeks! I’ve definitely enjoyed doing the activities and writing about them!

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