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Eventful Couple Of Weeks In Hervey Bay

After my last few posts about Bucket Lists and Places I’d Like To See, I thought I would do another update on life in Hervey Bay. It’s been quite an eventful couple of weeks…

My Birthday

On the 8th November, I turned the big 25. Quarter of a century old now! It was such a weird experience having a birthday here, it’s the first time I’ve not spent my birthday with my Mum and Dad. It was a relatively boring birthday mind you, I decided not to book it off work. I thought it would be best to work and add to the savings. We took a stroll to the beach though, but the sun just didn’t want to come out. Suzanne got me a Joby Gorillapod as a wee present. So once we start moving from place to place, I’ll be able to start vlogging! The wee sweetheart even got me a birthday cake!

Suzanne Lost Her Job

The other week, Suzanne received a TEXT from where she was working, saying that she was no longer required due to over staffing. Personally, I thought that was pretty unprofessional but from what I’ve heard, that’s just the place in general. Saving is going to be quite difficult if she’s unemployed so hopefully we’ll manage to get her another job soon.

A Storm Water Damaged My Phone

One day, when I was walking to work, I got a call to say that they were closing early due to an incoming storm so I wasn’t needed in. So as I was heading back up the road, low and behold, the storm hit. Even living in Scotland couldn’t prepare me for this sort of rain. I started sprinting up the road but I was running against the wind and it actually felt like I was running into a tornado. The rain was bucketing down that hard, it was physically sore.

I finally made it back to the flat, went to dry my phone but it was too late. All that was on my screen were green lines and then after a few hours it just wouldn’t switch on at all. I gave it 2 days, trying to use every technique to sort it but it just wasn’t for happening. So down to the shop for a brand new phone. It was around $900 for the same phone I already had for the past 2 and a half years or $1299 for a brand new model… of course I went for new and shiny. Its gorgeous.

Exploring Point Vernon

On one of our days together we decided to go to Point Vernon, a suburb of Hervey Bay. The area is beautiful but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. We still had a lovely day out though. It was only $2.80 for the bus from Stockland and our driver was brilliant. He told us different things to look for and even took us to see some kangaroos. Except from the Whale Watching and a couple of Kangaroos at the Blue Mountains, we had barely seen any Australian wildlife.

We then strolled along the coastal path and just took in the view. We seen so many cockatoos and lorikeets in the area. The driver had also told us about an osprey nest so we kept a wee eye out for that. Luckily we seen it and even caught a glimpse of the osprey out stretching its wings.

Exploring Urangan

We decided that after exploring Point Vernon, we should see more of Hervey Bay. So we went in the other direction this time, right down to Urangan. Only this time, we walked. It took us around an hour and a half to make it down there, basking in the sun the whole way. Our original plan was to go to Pulgul Creek then Reefworld but because the Reefworld Aquarium closes at 4pm, we decided to go there first. For $20, you get access to the aquarium, the turtles/ shark pool and the feeding times. Absolute bargain, if you ask me.

The inside of the aquarium is small but it was so clean, even the glass was spotless AND there was no waiting behind people to actually see the fish. The turtle and shark pool was the highlight though, you actually get to pet them! I loved it, not every aquarium lets you get this close to animals without having to pay extra! As for the feeding times (morning and afternoon), we had to wait around for an hour but I’m glad we did. At 2.30pm, we got to feed the turtles and sharks which was pretty amazing. Then because the sharks were closer to the surface, we got to pet them as well. For a guy that loves marine life, I was in my element. Suzanne on the other hand… wasn’t as keen. If you’re ever in the area, I would highly recommend a visit to the aquarium! We decided to head up the road after that, another hour and a half walk, so we saved exploring Pulgul Creek for another day.


When we finally managed to get back to Urangan to explore Pulgul Creek, we were a bit disappointed. There wasn’t actually any pathways and it was thick with trees. So we just did a 360degree turn and headed back to the flat. At least it got us out walking for a couple of hours.

Working The Melbourne Cup

I never knew the Melbourne Cup was such a big thing here. You could say it’s like the Grand National or Royal Ascot back home. There was a function on in my work, specifically for the Cup. It was a crazy, long day but a good shift. Suzanne and I even picked a couple of horses – I got the winner! Happy Days.

So that’s my latest update, plenty has happened. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading!


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