Finding A Job In Melbourne


Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia and arguably the most popular amongst backpackers. Which creates a problem when it comes to finding a job. From everyone I’ve spoke to so far, finding a job in Melbourne is near impossible at the moment.

Why Is It So Difficult?

When you look at websites such as Seek or Indeed, there are hundreds, if not thousands of jobs advertised. Most of them want a minimum of “X amount of years experience” or someone who has unrestricted work rights which pretty much means that travellers aren’t wanted. And how is anyone meant to get experience if these businesses won’t give you a chance to gain it!?

They’re not the only reasons that it’s difficult. As I said, Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia with 4.269 million inhabitants. That’s A LOT of competition when looking for a job. From the jobs that have got back to us (all unsuccessful) have given statistics on how many people have applied and met criteria. Most of the jobs have had well over one thousand applicants and usually only a small percentage meet the criteria.

Best Thing To Do

The best thing to do, we believe, is to get out the city. Even if it’s just the outer suburbs or a smaller city/ town. It worked for us in Her ey Bay anyway! We have given up on trying to find a job in Melbourne. We’ve decided to go on a road trip again, this time it’s the Great Ocean Road! We’ll eventually get to Adelaide to try our luck there!

Have you ever worked in Melbourne or Adelaide? If so, how did you get your job? Was it through an agency, website or someone you knew? I’d appreciate any tips you have for finding a job!

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