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Flatsharing is another form of accommodation you could use when you are travelling. I would say it is best suited for when you’re planning to stay in a location for at least a few weeks. It can be relatively cheap and it gives you more freedom than staying in a hostel.

Finding A Flat

There are so many different websites to find places that are flatshares. You could use websites such as, or These sites allow people list their properties that are available for flatsharing. All you need to do is type in the location and search through the options. Most of the time there are plenty of pictures and information to help you decide which best suits you. Of course there are some that don’t but if your in the area already, just arrange a viewing of the flat to get a better feel for it. Suzanne and I are in a quiet little place so there wasn’t much on offer when we were looking so we used to find ours. We managed to arrange a viewing and liked what we saw, so we went for it. Gumtree can be quite dodgy though, so just be wary when using it.


Just like any sort of accommodation, the prices vary. It all depends on the location, utility bills and what size of bedroom. For instance, the flat we are in has 3 bedrooms… the smallest one is only $120 per week and the largest room (the one we chose) is $150. The next bit confused Suzanne a little, because there are 2 of us, it was an extra $5 per night to cover extra utility usage. Our total price per week is $185, which is a lot better than the $300-$350 (for both of us) we had been paying for hostels. Not all flatshares charge more for an extra person but it is something you should definitely double check. Also, some may appear to be really cheap and look like good value – just check if bills etc. are included!

I would definitely recommend looking into flatsharing. Especially if you are staying in the one location for a long period of time. It saves you money and gives you more freedom to do what you want. There are no cut off times for the kitchen/ living area and you don’t have to share with that many people. Living in a hostel is brilliant for meeting people but if you want your own space a flatshare is the way to go.

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One thought on “Flatsharing

  1. Ahh the first flat yous have viewed and chose together lol hope you’s are both still having a ball keep the pics coming x

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