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Fraser Explorer Tours 2 Day 1 Night – Fraser Island

Fraser Island… the largest sand island in the world. We went with the Fraser Explorer 2 Day 1 Night tour. I’ll not lie to you, I was disappointed with the Island. Paul, the tour guide was brilliant though, really informative but the Island itself felt like a bit of a let down. Apart from the odd Dingo, I saw very little wildlife and it was overcast for most of the tour. I also expected to do a lot more exploring, rather than sit on a bus for most of the time. Regardless, I dare say Fraser Island is a must-see when visiting Australia. I’m going to apologise in advance, this is quite a long post.

Price & Where To Book

The tour itself is expensive at $385. It’s probably costs so much because you stay in one of the resorts on the island in a motel style dorm room. You can book directly through Fraser Explorers or you can go through any travel agent as well. It’s quite a big tour group! Would I say it’s worth it though? Not quite. I’m sure you could rent a 4×4 for less and do it yourself in one day.

The Tour

Day 1 – Morning

Leaving from Rainbow Beach, the main pick-up point is at Dingos Backpackers around 7.45am. Other hostels and pick-up locations can be arranged though! Once you’re on the bus, you head to get the barge across to Fraser Island from Inskip Peninsula. The barge only takes around 10 minutes and then you’re on the island. For about 45 minutes or so, you’ll be travelling up gravel roads rocking side to side then onto the beach and cruising along taking in some scenic views. The first stop is for around 20 minutes at Eurong Resort for morning tea. Once everyone’s refreshed, it’s off to Lake Mckenzie for a wee swim! The lakes PH levels and the silicon sand makes a perfect exfoliator and it buffs up any silver jewellery you may have! Not to mention, the whole area is just beautiful in general! Total relaxation.

Day 1 – Afternoon

To start your afternoon properly, you head to the Eurong Resort again for a buffet style lunch. Then you get back on the bus and head for ‘The Pinnacles’ which are colourful sand formations. After that, you go up to Indian Head to have a wee lookout. Usually you would visit Champagne Pools too but unfortunately they were closed while we were there. After a while, you’re on the bus again and head to the Maheno Shipwreck for a few photos and then to Eli Creek for a wee paddle. All the stops are pretty cool but if I’m honest – Not that exciting. By the end of day 1, Fraser Island hadn’t really lived up to my expectations but still another day to go…

Day 1 – Night

You get the night to yourself in the resort complex. You have a lovely buffet style dinner which Suzanne and I took full advantage of! The rest of the night is up to you. There’s not much to do mind you, except drink at the bar or go explore. Then again, at night, leaving the resort complex isn’t a wise idea, there are so many dangerous animals on the island. So be careful if you go wandering! We wanted to save money so we never drank (okay… we had one cocktail). Instead we played a game of pool and called it a night. For those of you who are wondering… Yes, Suzanne beat me at the pool.

Day 2 – Morning

It’s an early rise on day 2 with breakfast starting at 6.30am. Another buffet style and a great way to start the morning. Then you set off on the adventure for the day. Our first stop was Lake Birrabeen for a wee swim and explore. Personally, I wandered around trying to find some wildlife… I saw nothing except mozzies and horseshoe flies. The next stop is K’gari… a nature trail through the rainforest. As usual, with our luck, the rain started pouring and we never got to fully enjoy and appreciate the trail.

Day 2 – Afternoon

Back to Eurong Resort for a bit of lunch but unfortunately, it’s not a buffet this time. After lunch, you head up to the Lake Wabby trek which takes around 40 minutes uphill to the beautiful lake. The PH levels of this lake are higher than that of Mackenzie & Birrabeen so there is plenty of life in there – nothing dangerous though! It is surrounded by massive sand dunes and that is how it had formed, it basically got boxed in and became a lake. After a wee swim and relax, it’s time to head back to Eurong Resort one final time before heading back to Rainbow Beach. The journey back takes roughly just under an hour.

So that’s the Fraser Explorer 2 Day 1 Night Tour. As I said previously, it never really lived up to my expectations but that’s not anything to do with the tour. I just found Fraser Island to be too boring and repetitive. I’d like to go back mind you, and explore a bit more of the island. Maybe we just missed some really good spots! Have a look at my gallery at the bottom AND check out my YouTube video HERE!!

Have you ever been to Fraser Island? What did you make of it? Did you see any wildlife or go anywhere that I never mentioned?

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