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Free Things To Do In Melbourne

Are you heading to Melbourne and have no idea on what to do? It isn’t a cheap city, that’s no secret but there are a few free things to do in Melbourne when you’re there!

Free Things To Do In Melbourne:

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

If you like open grass areas and somewhere peaceful to relax then the Royal Botanic Gardens is an excellent choice! The gardens cover 38 hectares and is easily accessible from South Melbourne. You can walk from the CBD, it only takes around 30 minutes! Alternatively you can catch a tram, train or bus to Cremorne then a short 5 minute walk to the gardens.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is probably the most famous beach in Melbourne. Known for the old school bathing huts all along the beach. I’ll not lie and say it’s the most beautiful beach but it does look good. It’s a lovely place to go spend the day and relax to get out the busy city. To get there from Melbourne CBD, you can get a bus or train to Middle Brighton then it’s just a short walk from the station.

Penguins At St. Kilda

At the end of the pier at St. Kilda, you can find adorable little fair penguins. It’s easy to get to, especially if you’re staying in St. Kilda! If not, catch the tram to St. Kilda. From the St. Kilda station, it’s a short 10/15 minute walk to the pier. The best time to go is around dusk/ sunset as that’s when they are more active!

City Centre Trams

It’s not the most exciting thing to do on this list but the free city centre trams are a great way to see the city. Hop-on, hop-off as much as you like around Melbourne CBD at any tram stop that says ‘Free Tram Zone’. If you’re venturing further out than the CBD, make sure you have your Myki Travel card!

Albert Park

Free things to do in Melbourne

Albert Park is another suburb of Melbourne. However, I’m not talking about the suburb, I mean the large park that is also named Albert Park. The place is huge with a massive lake in the centre and a golf course and lakeside stadium on each side. From the southern end of the park, you can get a beautiful view of the Melbourne city skyline. If you fancy stretching your legs, take a walk (or jog if your keen) round the lake!

Parliament Of Victoria Tour

The Parliament of Victoria offers free tours nearly every day. It only last about 20 minutes but the guide gives you plenty of information in the short duration! I’m not usually one to go to Parliaments but I found it really interesting. It’s something different for you to do with your time!

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Markets are open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Usually opening at 6am (except Sundays at 9am) and closing between 2pm and 5pm depending on the day. The market place itself is huge! With plenty of stalls to make your way around. Not to mention the food markets just across the road!

Appreciate The Street Art

Lily Allen Mural

There is plenty of street art in Melbourne, located all over the city! All you need to do is walk around and have a look up various alley ways and back streets. The best one that I saw was definitely Hosier Lane, you should definitely check that out!

There we have it, a few free things to do in Melbourne! I’m sure there are plenty more that we may have missed, like the free walking tours from most hostels or the National Gallery of Victoria! When you’re there, try check out the Great Ocean Road! It’s free to travel along and most of the attractions are free! All you need is a vehicle and fuel! 
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2 thoughts on “Free Things To Do In Melbourne

  1. Well I found this extremely interesting, I would probably like everything u have talked about, I love culture and yes parliament would interest me. Not my other half mind u🤣he would like beach m penguins 🙄. Also free trams fantastic more cities should have theme, great for pub crawl lol x

    1. Thank you Tomi! The parliament was pretty interesting but it was more for Suzanne, she’s into all that 😂 trust you to think of a pub crawl 🤣 never really seen many pubs 😱 x

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