Hot Water Beach


After my days in Auckland, it was time to get back on the Kiwi Experience. Whole new group of people to meet. Our first stop was Hot Water Beach. The journey to the Hot Water Beach was lovely, I still can’t get over the scenery thats in New Zealand. Stopped in a couple of towns for food and shops then continued on to the accomadation. A few people were doing kayaking but for those that didn’t there was a wee walk to Cathedral Cove…


The digs for the night were at the Hot Water Beach holiday park. Theres not many places to stay there, it was roughly about $32 which isn’t too bad. It was such a nice wee place with so much going on, we got our own wee section cause there was 30odd of us. For dinner that night I had fish n’ chips from the wee takeaway bit on site, dynamite! Its only a 5/10 minute walk to the Hot Water Beach too. After everyone was back after exploring, we sat down and had a drink and a laugh. It was amazing how quickly we all got on.

Cathedral Cove

I never actually knew what Cathedral Cove was but I’m so glad I went. The nature trail had plenty of scenic views out on the ocean which was stunning. When we got to the cove, it was pretty cool, a big rock archway over the beach and plenty of sand. It wasn’t til we were back on the bus we discovered it was actually one of the filming locations in one of the Narnia films. I believe it was the second one, Voyage of the Dawn Treader… or something like that.

Hot Water Beach

This was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Firstly because it was such a clear night and the stars were out in force. It was amazing, you could actually see the milky way. Secondly, the hot water that you dig for is actually roasting. Like a wee spa on the beach! Dig a hole in the sand and find the water come through. Its so lovely to stand or even sit in.

I never thought I’d enjoy Hot Water Beach quite as much as I did. It definitely helped that the company was excellent! If your ever in the North Island of New Zealand, I would highly recommend a trip to Hot Water Beach!

Anyway thanks for reading!

One Love,


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