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Jumping into the Unknown

This trip has me ticking off items from the bucket list left, right and centre. This time it was bungy jumping. There are so many different bungy jumps in New Zealand but for my first time I thought I’d do it right – the biggest one in Australasia. Located just outside of Queenstown, The Nevis Bungy is a beast at 134 metres.

Price/ Deal

Becsuse I’m coming to the tail end of my travels in New Zealand, I couldn’t afford to do the bungy & swing combo that you can pick up for $385. Instead I just did the bungy for $260. Absolute cracker of a deal to do both, if you can afford it. There are a few other AJ Hackett bungy jumps that are less expensive but the Nevis site is the biggest of them all.

The Nevis Site & Jump

In preparation for the jump, I was to check in at the bungy centre 15/20 minutes before the bus left. This gave the staff time to give me a form to fill out, weigh me and double check my weight (I’ve now lost 6kg). Once everyone was checked in, it was time to go. In a small shuttle bus, we travelled about 40 minutes away to the Nevis site. Here we got harnesses sorted and a safety briefing.

Next up was the cable car that takes you to the bit that you jump from. The cable car moves so slowly and over such a massive canyon, I can totally understand why people are scared of heights. Once I arrived at the jumping platform, the leg straps and the rest of the safety equipment was put on and then off the first guy went. I was 3rd to go so it didn’t take long ’til my turn. Sitting down on a wee seat, chatting away to the guy as he attached the bungy chord, it sank in what I was about to do. Was I nervous? Nope, I was ready for it and excitement had taken control.

Standing on the edge, ready to go, the guy was pointing to the different cameras for photo opportunities. I had my GoPro with me as well so pretty much every angle was covered. Then 3…2…1 GO! Without hesitation, I was off. I tried to jump out as far as I could, spread my arms and pretended to fly. Next thing I’m plummeting down. Its only about 8 seconds of free fall then the bungy chord kicks in. After 3 bounces, there was a strap that released your feet so you could sit up right and be more comfortable as you were pulled back up. Me being me, I managed to get my leg stuck the wrong way so it still wasn’t as comfortable as it should have been but what a view of the canyon.

Photos, Videos and Heading Back

After a few people had done their jump, we headed back in the cable car. My legs were all shaky from the adrenaline, I was proper buzzing from it. Once I was back on solid land, I went to get my harness off and have a look at the photos and videos. My GoPro footage was good but the professional ones were amazing. There are different packages but I went for the full thing on a USB for $110. I felt I kind of had to, it was my first bungy after all. Some of the other people went on and did their canyon swing but the ones who never just relaxed and waited for the bus back to Queenstown. Another 40 minutes on the bus and that was it all over and done with. Another item checked off the bucket list. Absolutely delighted.

Another adventure done, thanks for reading!

One Love,


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One thought on “Jumping into the Unknown

  1. Ur bloody nutts but I cn see why u wanted do it, definitely not for my but I’m old foogie 🤪u seem be having a ball, enjoy Australia stay safe xx

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