My first stop on the Kiwi Experience was at a wee town called Kaikoura on the east coast. Despite being such a small place there is a few things they have to offer; whale watching, dolphin encounters and nature trails. I’m living on a budget cause there is so many things I want to do so I only took a walk up the side of the peninsula. What a view. Looking out over the ocean on one side and looking back across the bay up to the mountains on the other, absolutely stunning.

Also at the end of the peninsula there is a wee bit you can park at and come face to face with the native fur seals. Once I got back I met up with everyone from the bus, a few of us decided to all chip in and get ingredients for a big dinner. This was my first proper experience of backpacking. We are all budgeting and managed to make a cracking dinner for just $3 each. Sitting down to dinner with people from all these different countries was something I never imagined I would do. After the munch we all got cheap alcohol and had a wee drink and played card games.

Travelling to Wellington

The bus journey up to Picton wasn’t to bad. I had no hangover and was able to chill out and appreciate the New Zealand landscapes. After a few hours we arrived in Picton where we were to get a ferry across to Wellington. The ferry journey took just over 3 hours so I spent my time taking photos, relaxing and talking to the folk from the bus. Before I knew it we had arrived in Wellington and were on our way to the hostel.


Back on the bus again, we dropped people off at a hostel they had pre booked and continued on to our own. For the night we were staying in a Base Hostel. It was quite nice and had a bar downstairs. Upon arrival we got a free meal but it wasn’t much and definitely not enough to fill me up. Because of the time there wasn’t much to do so we met up with the others and went for a drink. It was a cracking night out and such a good laugh. We drank until about 2/3am and then decided to call it a night after a Mcdonalds. Due to this, my first mishap occurred – I slept in for the bus departure. Absolute nightmare! So I had to get an intercity bus to take me from Wellington up to Taupo. Luckily enough the receptionist at Base booked my bus for me and I got it a bit cheaper. I’m looking forward to getting back to Wellington and meeting the ones that stayed behind.

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Thomasina Cameron · 04/07/2018 at 6:07 pm

Enjoying reading about youre travels, you should have been a writer 👍🍻


    AlzosAdventures · 05/07/2018 at 10:22 am

    Cheers Tomi! Maybe someday I’ll be one lol

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