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Kanu Kapers Noosa Everglades Self Guided Kayak Tour

The Noosa Everglades… one of only two Everglades in the world! And we got the chance to go kayaking there with Kanu Kapers. The tour is called “self guided kayak tour” and ultimately, you pay to hire a kayak for the day. It was a test of our endurance and relationship but we managed it.


The Kanu Kapers Self Guided Kayak Tour is $99 and can be booked through Alternatively, as always, you can through most travel agents as well! To be honest though, for the price, it is a little expensive considering you’re doing it yourself and don’t actually have a guide. As I said previously, you’re basically paying to hire a kayak!

What You’ll Be Doing

You meet up at the Elanda Point Canoe Launch Point. Just 5km up the road from Boreen Point. From there, you meet the Kanu Kapers employee who gives you details and instructions for the kayak and the route to take. Other than that, you’re out yourself on the water. We paddled around 25km all-together and it was killer! We had a few stops at different places though, such as, Kiramba Information Centre and Fig Tree Point. As for the Everglades, we went up a good portion then turned around and headed back. The information centre shows all the wildlife in the area that you could see. No crocodiles but there are Bull Sharks in the waters! Unfortunately however, we seen nothing except a few birds here and there. The water is mostly calm on the Everglades, it’s only when you’re out on the open water of the lake that it becomes a struggle! The activity is set to finish usually around 3pm so you get a good 6/7 hours out in the kayak!


That’s the Kanu Kapers Self Guided Kayak Tour. As I said, I personally don’t think it is worth $99, maybe half of the price. It is what it says… self guided but it is a bit pricey. It was part of our activity package so we never really knew the full price of it until we checked. If we never went with the package, it wouldn’t have been on our to-do list! 

What do you think? Is that a reasonable price to go kayaking in the everglades? Have you ever been or done it with a different tour? Let me know in the comment section! AND check out my YouTube vlog (HERE) of our time in Noosa! 

Thanks for reading! (and watching if you do!)


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