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Living In A Hostel

Living In A Hostel

At first, the thought of living in a hostel is strange. Living and sharing a room with a bunch of random people. In my opinion, its brilliant! When you stay in a hotel or whatever, you don’t really have to speak to anyone if you don’t want to, its not like your sharing a room with anyone. In a hostel however (unless you book a private room) more often than not, its people in the same situation as you – travelling and wanting to meet others. Living in a hostel is probably the best way of meeting other travelers, sharing tips and information.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its ups and downs, they aren’t all fantastic but you do occasionally get a diamond in the rough. Majority of hostels that I’ve stayed at also provide entertainment on specified nights or even free meals! After 3 months of living in a hostel, I can honestly say that I love it. I’ll not lie and say that hostels are always clean or that it is for everyone, they’re not. Most of the time, the people who clean the hostel aren’t actually cleaners and they are just working for accommodation. If you are in a hostel and looking for a job, just ask at reception and see if there is any availability. Or check the job boards that are usually somewhere near reception.


Start with the basics, obviously every hostel has toilets. Thank God. Although they don’t always have a lot of them. In some of the hostels I’ve stayed at there has only been 2 or 3 toilet cubicles/showers per floor. When you think of a floor with 8-10 dorms and 6-12 people in each dorm, at some point your going to have to queue.

On to the kitchens, some are spacious, some are tighter than a ducks ass. All hostel kitchens vary and its probably best to check photos before booking if you are fussy. Half of the hostels I’ve been to don’t even have ovens. There are cupboards or box shelves to store your dry food in – just make sure you label it! Then there are fridges to store the chilled stuff – if your in a busy hostel, it can be quite a squeeze to get your stuff in. I’ve yet to see a freezer in a hostel but can’t really grumble about that, it would be absolute chaos.

Some hostels have outside areas or rooftops that you can go chill at which is pretty cool, a lot of people use them to congregate for drinks. If you fancy just relaxing, more than likely you could find yourself in the TV room/ TV area that most hostels provide. Depending on the hostel, there might be a games console, Netflix or DVD’s. If you need to wash your clothes, washing machines and dryers are available to use – usually they cost about $3/$4 per load.

Reception/ Staff

Hostel receptions aren’t always 24/7, most the time they open at 8am and shut between 8pm-11pm depending what day it is. Most the time, they are extremely friendly and welcoming but I have had experiences where they seem like they just don’t care. If you have any questions, just ask the reception! They are excellent sources of information and if they don’t know, they try their best to find out. As I said earlier, most the time the staff/ cleaners are working for accommodation. They work a couple of hours a day and in return, they don’t pay rent. Its ideal for travelers, only a couple of hours a day and you can skip the rent (anywhere between $18 – $30 a night). Money Saver.

As I said at the start of the post, there are job boards located near the receptions. If you’re looking for a job, its probably the first place to start. I have some cheek, telling you where to start looking for a job and I’m still unemployed. People that are staying in the hostel also advertise their cars and such that are for sale via the job board too. So if you find yourself looking for a vehicle, check out the board!

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