Living In Hervey Bay


Working Away

Work has been pretty busy lately, I’m learning plenty. Can’t believe I’ve been working for 4 weeks now, time has absolutely flew by. Working with a beach view doesn’t get old though! I definitely feel back at home, I’m mostly on closes – just like Pizza Hut.

Whale Watching

Suzanne and I had a wee day off together, so instead of going to the beach or lazing about… we went whale watching. The tickets were about $99 with the Spirit of Hervey Bay but there are a variety of different companies and prices. It was an early rise that morning, up at 6.30am for a 7.30am pick up. Didn’t help that Suzanne woke me up at like 4am by slapping me in her sleep.

The boat journey took about an hour. We cruised up along Fraser Island, I couldn’t believe how big it actually is. Once we arrived at the location, we saw very little, a couple of whales just came up occasionally for air. We moved a bit further out to see a different pod and the action started. One of the calves just kept on breaching and playing around. The mother wasn’t as active but she came up a few times. Watching these whales out in the wild was such an amazing experience. I got a few snaps as well…

The Blog Site

In case you might not have noticed, the website has had a bit of a make over. I’ve tried to simplify it and work on the loading time of pages, I hope its worked. Who knew running a website would be such a pain in the ass. As I said at the start, I’ve finally managed to get a bit of my photo gallery sorted. Check it out HERE! I’ll be posting more photos from different locations over the next wee while! I also managed to set up a Shop page! Its where you’ll find all the equipment I use through affiliate links. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a little from it, enough to keep the blog running anyway!

Again, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. If you enjoyed this post, give it a wee like! I’m going to try put up stuff more often, even if it is just about random thoughts! If you have any suggestions or something you want to know about, leave a wee comment!

Cheers for reading!


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Hey, I'm Alzo! I went from working as a waiter to traveler and photographer. I run Alzos Adventures with the hopes that it inspires you to get out and have your own adventures and explore our beautiful world.

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