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Milford Sound

What an incredible place. Milford Sound is located in the Fiordland National Park in the south-west of the New Zealand’s South Island. I paid $115 for a trip to this iconic location and it is honestly breath-taking.

Queenstown – Milford Sound

The night before, the whole original group that left from Auckland was back in the same location. It was brilliant to see everyone again! And of course it called for a night out. Spoiler… Queenstown is a class night out on a Sunday.

Anyway this isn’t about nights out in Queenstown, its about Milford Sound. Its claimed to be the 8th wonder and I can understand why. The bus from Queenstown – Milford Sound is quite a long one, when your hungover it seems even longer. Because its winter, there had been avalanches on the mountains so the tunnel through the mountain was actually closed and there was a team working to clear it. Instead of turning back though we continued on and the driver got updated on the situation. Thankfully after about 4 hours on the bus and numerous stops we got to the tunnel and it opened about 30 minutes after we arrived. The sight beyond the tunnel was absolutely stunning! The bus driver played the Jurassic Park theme as we made our way down to water level in between these great mountains – it was a magical moment. We finally arrived at the docks and got off the bus, ready for our cruise.

The Cruise
The cruise lasted roughly around 2 hours. The boat sails through all the mountains out to the Tasman Sea and then back again. Its a very humbling experience, seeing these mountains that were formed from numerous ice ages and been there for thousands of years and will be there for thousands of years after I’m gone. Its truly amazing seeing markings left behind on the rocks from glaciers. If you get it on a day that there has been rainfall, there are so many waterfalls running down but the majority aren’t permanent and stop a few hours later. I still can’t get over the beauty and tranquility of Milford Sound, its one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen. Towards the end, the captain took us up close and personal with a waterfall to the extent that anyone on the front deck got soaked – yes I know this from experience.
The Return

Once the cruise had finished, we were back on the bus and ready for another long haul back to Queenstown. There were a few that chose the scenic plane journey back but it was a bit on the expensive side. After dropping those people off, we were on the road again. After a wee cafe stop, the driver put on ‘Ted’ for us to watch which kept is occupied for a while. Finally after a gruelling 11 hours we were back at Queenstown.

In New Zealand, I would personally say that Milford Sound is definitely a must-do. When I eventually return to New Zealand, I’ll probably do it again.

Cheers for reading!

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