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Munros & Corbetts – A cracking day out.

For those that don’t know: ‘Munros’ are mountains in Scotland over the height of 3000ft and Corbetts are mountains between 2500ft and 3000ft. To ‘bag’ either of them is ultimately to conquer it and reach the summit.

With that being said, you’re probably reading this and thinking, ‘What does a cracking day out have to do with these mountains?’ – that’s what I thought as well before I started climbing them. Not any 2 mountains are the same, each one is unique and has its own challenges. It wasn’t until I was trying to save money for my travels that I started doing it. I wish I had started sooner, I’ve caught the bug and just about to leave.

Climbing/ Walking.

The bulk of the day includes climbing and walking, mostly uphill (until your on the descent) and requires a lot of effort. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it just seems like an endless nature trail and can seem a bit tedious but once you view the summit and see that your within distance, it boosts morale and drives you on. The walk up the mountain isn’t easy, I’ll not try kid you on, its sore! Sometimes I’ve thought, ‘why the hell am I doing this to myself’ when my thighs are burning from stepping up stones constantly. Though after a short break and drink I’m good to go again. Its not always a path either, sometimes you end up having to scramble up rocks using your arms as well as your legs but that’s when the fun starts cause your not constantly just walking.

The Summit.

After all the hard work of walking and climbing uphill, there is no better feeling than reaching the summit. It makes all the effort you’ve put in seem worth it and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the view from the top is nothing short of stunning, amongst the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. At the top of most mountains you will find a trig point used for geodetic surveying – I use these for a photo to show I made it. The summit is also a great place to just sit down, chill out and appreciate the climb you just accomplished. Remember to always take a wee munch for the top, like a sandwich, to renew your energy and give you a boost for going down. I love being able to just relax and switch off to the world when I’m at the top. Every time I’ve summited, I always get my photo and a rock as a keepsake for my garden.

The Descent.

For me personally, this is the worst part. Not only are you leaving the beautiful views and heading back to civilisation but going back down is often the most painful. It hurts my knees mostly. Its not all doom and gloom though – you often see things that you missed on the way up. Of course the way back down is also quicker as you pick up pace when your going downhill.

So far I have bagged 5 Munros & Corbetts and attempted another:

  • Ben Lomond
  • Ben Vorlich
  • The Cobbler/ Ben Arthur
  • Ben Ledi
  • Ben A’an
  • Buachaille Etive Mor (attempted but never summited)

I would highly recommend anyone to get outdoors and go take on a mountain. Its a challenge but the experience is definitely amazing. Once you manage to do one, you’ll catch the bug too!

– The Cobbler, my favourite one so far. Although its a Corbett and not as high as the Munros, its still an amazing mountain to climb.

Cheers for reading!

One Love,


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