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In relation to my last post (Why Everyone Should Have A Bucket List), I thought I would share my own. Who knows, it could inspire you and give you ideas for your own list!

– Climb Mount Ngauruhoe

In my post about 10 Must Do’s In New Zealand, I talked about the Tongariro Crossing and climbing Mount Ngauruhoe. Unfortunately when I was in New Zealand, it was winter and due to bad weather, the tours weren’t running for a few days which meant no hiking for me in Taupo. One day, when I return to New Zealand, I’ll do the hike and make it to the top of Mount Ngauruhoe. I’d be mad at myself if I never conqured Mount Doom.

– Get A Proper Maori Tattoo

I already have Maori/ Polynesian style tattoos with meaning behind them but I really want to get one from a actual Maori artist in New Zealand. I spoke to someone of the Maori culture and he taught me the meaning of tattoos in certain locations. He told me to go to a Maori artist and tell him my story so that he could design it for me and that I should get it on my calf, to represent travel.

– Visit Hobbiton (Again)

I know what you’re thinking… “why go back there!?”. To be honest, I loved it that much, I just want to go back. I probably didn’t appreciate the full set as much as I should have when I first visited. That’s probably down to me geeking out too much and over excitement. When I finally go back, I’ll be sure to make the absolute most of it!

– Be Happy With My Life

This one sounds deep, but I want to be happy with my life. At the moment I’m fulfilling this one but it’s a lifelong goal. I want to be able to look back on my life with no regrets and be content with what I have done.

– Start My Own Business

I’ve been thinking about this one more recently, I would love to start my own business. You could argue that I already have with this blog but I mean a full on travel/ tourism business. The amount of thoughts that race through my head when I’m thinking of things to do with my life but this one has stuck. Who knows though? Maybe once I return from my year in Australia, I’ll be able to start my own business.

– Learn To Scuba Dive

One day, I hope to be able to attain a diving certificate/ license. Meaning I would be able to go diving without an instructor in locations around the world. I would love to dive at The Great Barrier Reef (One On My List), The Great Blue Hole in Belize or at the Yolanda Reef in Egypt.

– Visit All The Places On My ‘Places I Want To See List’

I have quite the list of different places that I want to see in the world. I could have listed them all in this post but it would go on for ages. I’ll do another post or 2 on all these locations!

– Cage Dive With Great White Sharks

I love all marine animals, I don’t know why but I find them beautiful. Especially sharks. They are feared because of films and media but they are majestic creatures. I would love to get in a cage and dive with Great Whites. It would be absolutely amazing to see these apex predators up close and personal.

– Skydive Over The Great Barrier Reef

In general, I just want to skydive but to do it over the Great Barrier Reef would be out of this world! I’d love to see all the beauty from an aerial perspective. Not to mention the skydive would definitely fill my adrenaline metre. Hopefully I’ll be able to check this one off soon as we’re heading up to Cairns in a few months.

– Scuba Dive/ Snorkel At The Great Barrier Reef

Another one at the Great Barrier Reef but instead of being above the water, this time I want to be under it. Hopefully, if I can get a scuba diving instructor, I’ll be able to properly dive at the Reef but if not, I’d still love to snorkel. Marine life fascinates me and to see the vast diversity of life at the Reef would be absolutely incredible.

– Get To Everest Base Camp

At number one on my bucket list… Everest Base Camp. One day I hope I can save enough money and make it to Everest Base Camp. The experience of making it to base camp and viewing the largest mountain on earth first-hand would be a dream come true! I’m keeping it realistic, obviously I would love to summit Everest but the chances of me saving that sort of money and actually making it are slim. Who knows though? I might actually be able to but we’ll wait and see…

So there we have it, my bucket list. There are a few other things that I would like to accomplish in life but I kept it to minimum so I’m not droning on and on. Not to mention I’ve already checked off quite a few items already like bungy jumping, leaving home to travel and visiting New York. What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear about it!

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