My Camera Bag – What’s In It?


I use the term ‘Camera Bag’ loosely. My actual camera bag is very small, it barely fits my camera, this post is more about what camera & accessories I use. If you haven’t seen any of my photos, you can check them out HERE.

Nikon D3400

My main camera I use is a Nikon D3400 DSLR. I bought it for about £370 from Currys (UK). It’s a great starter camera, even I managed to figure out the basics. It provides an excellent image quality and has a long battery life. The camera also has a wide variety of settings and gives you the ability to set aperture, ISO sensitivity and shutter speed.

18-55mm VR Nikon Lens

I got this lens as part of the package with my camera. The VR stands for vibration reduction as it uses stabilisation technology to reduce blur in images caused by a shaky hand or windy conditions. The 18-55mm has a wide angle which is great for capturing landscape shots.

70-300mm Sigma Lens

I managed to pick this lens up from Currys as well for about £99. It’s a compact zoom lens and is excellent for capturing candid shots as well as wildlife and sports. I’ve also found it useful for selective focus photos and  capturing nature such as flowers. One of the best features of this lens is the ability to switch between auto-focus and manual focus, it really does help out when your trying to get a specific shot.

Akaso EK7000

I’ve not had much chance to use my Akaso EK7000 yet. I got it for my Christmas last year but you can pick one up relatively cheap. I’m mostly going to use it for my more adventurous activities that I want to record or if I need to strap a camera to myself. The casing that comes with it is waterproof which is ideal for going snorkelling and doing water-sports. I got the chance to use it when I was hiking on Franz Josef Glacier and when I done the AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy – the video quality was amazing.

GoPro Accessories

I got my Akaso’s accessories quite cheap from Amazon. For under £20, it was quite a bargain. Along with a case, I got;

  • Wrist Strap
  • Head Strap
  • Chest Harness
  • Selfie Stick
  • Floating Hand Grip
  • TriPod Mount

There are a few other accessories that come with it that I never packed and plenty of adjustment screws. Definitely worth it for the money you pay. The wrist strap was brilliant for my attempt at surfing and the head strap is going to be getting used for when I am snorkelling or diving. I’ll hopefully be able to get some underwater shots with the floating hand grip too, that way if I let go of it, it will just float back to the surface.

Canon Ixus

Suzanne got me this camera for my 24th Birthday. I’m sure you can pick one up for under £100. It’s a sturdy little compact camera and excellent for when I’m not carrying my Nikon. There are a few different settings you can use and a variety of different effects, including toy camera and fish-eye.

So that’s all my my cameras and accessories. My birthday is tomorrow so I might treat myself to a Joby tripod as well! Hopefully in the future, if photography works out for me and once I have more money, I’ll be able to invest in new lenses and potentially a new camera. We’ll see how it goes though!

If you’re considering buying any of the items, check out my Shop page! There’s links to Amazon to buy them!

Cheers for reading!


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