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My Few Days In Wellington

So my time in the North Island is nearly at an end unfortunately. I have spent the past few days in Wellington, staying at the Base Hostel. If I’m honest, its not my favourite hostel I’ve stayed at but it could be a lot worse I suppose. I think I was about $26/$28 per night. I have really enjoyed my time in Wellington though, could maybe see myself live here someday. In my last post I talked about my first 2 days in Wellington but for the remainder of my time, this is what I got up to…

Day 3

Finally, the sun was back out! I really missed the big yellow thing in the sky. With the nice weather, I went for a wee walk up Mount Victoria with a couple from the bus, Ryan & Amy. I would say Mount Victoria is more like a big hill but the incline at some points is brutal. It only took us about 30/40 minutes to get to the summit though. There was some sort of race going on, a 40k & 60k. The finish line was at the top of Mount Victoria – absolute madness running all that. The view from the top of the hill is spectacular though, you can see right over all the city, suburbs and the bays.

After spending a bit of time up at the top, admiring the view, we started heading back down. Apparently there is an area of the pathway that was used as a filming location for ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ – Of course I wanted to go find it. We walked for quite a while with no real idea on where it was. Eventually we got to this wee bit and we thought we had found it but after we left, I found out we were actually nowhere near it. Still got a photo though!

With it being a Saturday night, we decided to go out again. We had enjoyed the bar ‘Danger Danger’ the other night so decided to go back there. Again the night out was really good but its a shame that half the group had left the other day. I’m going to stay away from drinking for the next few days, I never thought there would be so much of it involved in this trip.

Day 4

This was probably my favourite day in Wellington. I went off to see the Weta Workshop and Weta Cave. I learnt all about how they turn the concept art for movies into real props and costumes to be used. It is really interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was pretty awesome getting to see actual props and costumes that had been used in The Lord Of The Rings and other films. There are a few different tours you can do with Weta, I went for the $65 one – There and back again. There were more expensive ones to do but I’m trying to budget a bit better now, I’ve not been too good at it so far!

After my tour was over and done with, I went back to the supermarket to get some stuff for dinner. It was only chicken, onion and some Uncle Ben’s rice but it tasted lovely. and sort of cured my hangover. For the rest of the night I just sat and chilled out, typed away at this and read a bit of my book. Not looking forward to getting up at 6am to get ready to leave for the bus at 6.55am. Next stop is Kaiteriteri, just outside Abel Tasman National Park.

So that’s my days in Wellington over and done with, I’ll definitely have to come back some day. Hope you enjoyed reading my nonsense.

One Love,


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