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My Last Few Days In New Zealand

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Its time to say goodbye to New Zealand and begin my travels in Australia. The last few days in New Zealand have been pretty amazing though.


After a trip to Milford Sound and a bungy jump, the rest of my time in Queenstown was spent eating Fergburgers (best burger I’ve ever had) and adventuring. Before I left home, I had the goal to climb the New Zealand version of Ben Lomond. Reaching just before the saddle at 1326 metres (4350ft) I had to give up. I had run out of supplies and the snow was knee deep at points and I never had any crampons for grip or even a simple walking stick. I’m gutted I never managed to summit but its another excuse to come back and see this beautiful country, plus I made it to the rough height equivalent of Ben Nevis. I also had a few nights out in Queenstown with the amazing group I had met on the Kiwi Experience bus.

Lake Tekapo

Between Queenstown and Christchurch was a little stop called Lake Tekapo. The weather took a turn for the worst here though. With rain pouring from the skies, there was literally nothing to do so we all sat in and watched some movies. In the morning before we left, the sun was out and the view of the lake was incredible. It was like a baby blue colour due to minerals from glaciers and it was absolutely stunning with the mountains in the background.

Christchurch (again)

After Lake Tekapo, it was my final stop. Christchurch. It was a lot better this time round because I actually knew people so I wasn’t wandering around myself as much. Luckily there was a Super Rugby semi final between The Crusaders (Christchurch) and The Hurricanes (Wellington). A group of us managed to pick up tickets for just $32. As much as I did love Wellington, I backed the Crusaders – And they won! The final is due to be played at the start of August against The Lions from South Africa. Of course after the game, we went out for a little drink to celebrate and as a sort of leaving night.

Overall my time in New Zealand has been absolutely amazing. It has honestly been far better than I could ever have hoped for. I’ve met so many amazing people from all over and seen and done things I used to dream about. One day I will find my way back here though, there is still so much I want to see. Its time to move on to Sydney and see what Australia has in store for me.

One Love,


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