Next Stop… Hervey Bay

Aussie Woolshed Backpackers
After meeting with one of Suzanne’s relatives, we were given some solid advice… get out the city if you want a job. So we booked the greyhound to Hervey Bay. It was about $90 to get from Brisbane to Hervey Bay but it was our (my) last chance to get a job.
Hervey Bay

Located on the east coast, about 180km north of Brisbane, Hervey Bay is a little slice of paradise. Quite a quiet little place but its how I imagined Australia to look. A golden beach and Fraser Island is a stone throw away, hopefully get there once I’ve saved up.

The Hostel

The hostel that we have been staying at is called ‘Aussie Woolshed Backpackers’. Its quite an open layout with a big garden, very natural. Only problem is the amount of bugs that get into the rooms, we’ve found a couple of cockroaches in our dorm already. Other than that its a lovely little hostel and relatively cheap, we only paid $150 for a weeks accommodation. Mind you, the Wi-Fi is nearly impossible to connect to and when you do… it doesn’t work.

What We’ve Been Doing

On the bus journey up, I emailed nearly every business I could find in Hervey Bay. Luckily, I got an email back from a lovely little place on the beach and got an interview/ trial shift. Finally… a job!! I was absolutely buzzing that I finally got something. Other than that, Suzanne and I have spent our time wandering around and exploring, coming across the Botanic Gardens (big fan of Botanic Gardens these days). I looked at my health app on my phone and we’ve managed to cover about 60km in a few days.

So we decided to have a lazy day at the beach one day as well, it was nice to be on a proper beach and not a man made one in the city. Total relaxation on the golden sand was bliss. After a while though, my shoulders started burning, no surprise there, so I went back to the hostel.

We’ll see how things go with the job and if we can find decent accommodation, taking every day as it comes now.
Thanks for reading!

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