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Organising my backpacking adventure.

With 3 weeks to go until I depart the homeland and head off to New Zealand, I have more or less got myself totally organised. Except from travel insurance but I plan on getting that the week before I leave. Anyway it all started way back in August 2017 when I went back to work after a holiday to Dominican Republic. I got a major case of the holiday blues. I remember thinking to myself, “surely theres more to life than just working 5 days a week and going abroad once or twice a year”. Thats when it hit me – to save up as much as I could and go explore the world and see what I could make of my travels.

On my next day off I drove up to STA Travel on Byres Road, Glasgow and spoke to one of the travel consultants as they specialise in backpacking and world travel. After chatting with staff I went home and spoke to my parents about it and how my plans were to visit New Zealand and Australia first and they pushed me to go for it and make sure I have no regrets when I’m older so straight away I phoned up and put a deposit on my flights without thinking any more of it.

After Booking My Trip

The first few months after booking it never really occurred to me that I was going backpacking around New Zealand and Australia and that I was going to need A LOT of money to pay for the flights, visa, hostels and everything in between. It wasn’t until around about December that it hit me that I wasn’t anywhere near as organised as I should have been. So after the New Year celebrations I put the head down and burst my ass off at work and kept setting myself targets. It was hard work, I had to stop the nights out with my mates to the extent I never got to see them.

Life got boring very quickly, I never really done much out side of work until I started climbing mountains in my spare time which helped cure my boredom, especially when my best mate Scot (ScoobyCash) joined me. The days started flying by and thats when I started stressing about everything but with a bit of help from my Mum and Dad I managed to get my flights paid off and then saving a bit more I paid for my Australian work visa. Since then I’ve managed to save enough for spending in both countries and all my different equipment. Now the countdown has properly begun – To say I’m excited would be an understatement!

Getting Organised To Go Backpacking

Heres a list of the things that I feel are necessities for me going away;

  • Flights (To New Zealand and then on to Australia)
  • Australian Working Visa
  • Bus Ticket with Kiwi Experience in New Zealand
  • Rucksack and clothes
  • Save enough spending money
  • Organise hostels for the first few nights

Additional things I’ve purchased;

  • Windows Linx Tablet
  • Nikon D3400
  • Host for this website
  • GoPro
  • An external hard drive for my pictures and videos
  • Micro SD cards and adapters

Im not saying all these things are essential for going backpacking. I’m not 100% sure myself, this is my first time doing it so its all about learning. All the accessories like the camera and tablet are definitely not a necessity at all. I got them so that I can run this blog and hopefully take some cracking pictures to share with you.

Thanks for reading!

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One Love,


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