You can’t go to Australia and not have a crack at surfing. Our shot was at Agnes Water & 1770 with Reef2Beach! Absolutely excellent lesson, the instructors are great and really talk you through it. Luckily I had a small bit of practice at Westport in New Zealand but it was helpful to be told what to actually do!

Price & Where To Book

For a 3 hour lesson, it’s extremely affordable at only $25!! You can book it directly through Reef2Beach in Agnes Water. Just go in and see the owner, Grom, and find out when the next lesson is! Alternatively, you can book it through most travel agents, you just need to specify which surf school it is.

The Lesson

After checking in at the Reef2Beach shop, you have a waiver to fill out, pretty much just saying you know there are risks and the usual stuff about health and safety. After that’s out the way, you get your surf school top and head for the beach. At the beach, you get a detailed explanation on surfing and how to avoid dangers then you get a bit of practice on getting up on the board while you’re on land. Once you’ve done that, into the water! Depending on group size, depends how many instructors there are. For us, there were 3 so it was like a rotation belt as you queue up and they set you up for a wave. The rest is all you! All you need to do from there is paddle and stand up! The lesson in total lasts the 3 hours so you get roughly around 2 – 2 and a half hours in the water. By the end, most of the learners are comfortably standing up! They are excellent teachers.

Have you ever been surfing? How did it go? I loved catching the waves and I want to do it again. Have you got any recommendations on where’s good for a beginner to surf along the East Coast of Australia?

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