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Return to Whitsundays

Yesterday, we made our return to Whitsundays. Last time we were there, we got caught in a cyclone. It’s not exactly what you want, especially in a place that is famous for it’s beautiful beach: Whitehaven. We saw absolutely hee-haw of the spectacular view. However, this year, we started off slightly cloudy but it turned into such a beautiful clear day with some spectacular viewpoints.

Southern Lights by Ocean Rafting

This time around, we done a one day tour called ‘Southern Lights’ operated by Ocean Rafting. We were on the ‘Riptide’ boat and the staff were excellent. I think their names were ‘Adam’ and ‘Brayden’. You can book directly for this trip or book through a number of travel agencies around Australia such as Happy Travels or Peterpans. I would highly recommend it. I did enjoy my 2 day tour last year but as a bit of adrenaline junkie, the faster boats were more of my speed.

The Tour

The tour itself started with a pick up from a hostel, check in and safety briefing. After that, it was on to the boat and grab a seat. Music went on and off we went. I enjoyed the speed and distance we covered in such a short time, compared to actually sailing. The morning wasn’t completely clear, it was pretty overcast but still 100 times nicer than being caught in a cyclone. We arrived at Tongue Bay and followed the bush walk to the Hill Inlet lookout. We were greeted by a beautiful view. It was a bit cloudy, mind you. Still, you could see the blue sky lingering behind the clouds.

We then made our way to Whitehaven Beach and the swirling sands and got a few photos. Once we were back on the boat, we went round to South Whitehaven Beach. The skies cleared up and what a beautiful day it turned out to be. We done another bushwalk to the lookout there and it was honestly spectacular. It was around 3 hours before we went back to the boat to start heading back to Airlie Beach. We were meant to do a bit of snorkelling but visibility in the water was poor which is why we spent more time on the beautiful white beach.

My Thoughts

I 100% enjoyed my day. Extremely grateful to have had the chance to go back and see how beautiful Whitsundays really is. Sure, I have a right bad sunburn but I managed to keep covered in my stinger suit/ t-shirt. Now we’ve checked off Whitsundays, it’s time to head to Cairns for 5 days.

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