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Returning Home After Travelling

Now that I’ve been home nearly a week, I thought I would do a post on what it’s like to coming home after such a long period of time away. Returning home after travelling is a strange experience. You hear people talk about what it’s like to leave but rarely about what it’s like to come back. It’s like having the holiday blues x100. Trying to adjust back to life as it was before you went away is more difficult than you would expect. So much changes and it can be difficult to adapt to them.

The First Week

When you first arrive back, it’s exciting to a certain extent. You see people for the first time in ages and there are so many stories to share. The best way to put it is as though you are a shiny new toy but as the days go on, you get less exciting and everything goes back to ‘normal’. Once that happens, that’s when depression can hit. One of the girls I had met, Jenny, said “you just go from living-room to living-room” and it’s so true. All you see for the first week are different living-rooms.

Dealing With Being Back

The hardest part, for me anyway, is dealing with being back, staying with my parents and having nothing to do. I got used to getting up early and going a walk or exploring a new city but being back in a town that I’ve seen every corner of just isn’t the same. The best way to deal with it, in my opinion, is to keep yourself busy, try force yourself to go out a walk somewhere or keep up a hobby you had when you were away. Some semblance of normality for you.

People Change

Another thing that’s difficult to get used to is how much everyone else has changed. Your friends move out, have kids and get engaged. In my experience, a loved one had passed away. In a way, they aren’t the same people that you left behind. But then again, neither are you. You’ll have changed, found new interests and when you’re back, no-one quite understands just how much you will have changed.

‘The Travel Bug’

People say they’ve got the travel bug after they’ve been away for so long. I know I’ll have said it at some point. I don’t think it’s a ‘bug’ for travelling as such. It’s more like wanting to go away again to feel where you are at home with like minded people.

That’s how I feel about returning home after travelling anyway. I know everyone’s experience will be different, I’d love to hear about your experience and how you dealt with it, so let me know in the comments!

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