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Scenic Flights & Barrier Reefs

‘Scenic Flights & Barrier Reefs’ is all about another iconic location we’ve revisited. Can you guess which one? Yep, the Great Barrier Reef. I mean why would we not go back? It’s only one of the natural wonders of the world. This time though, we flew over the Reef and then got up close in the same tour – probably my favourite experience yet!


The tour had a bit of a shaky start. We were picked up later than stated. Not just by a few minutes that you can chalk up to traffic. I’m talking a good 25 minutes or so. Anyway, we phoned them to chase them up. We finally got picked up and taken to the helicopter base. Once we received a safety briefing for our helicopter journey, we got to the choppa! – I really hope you read that in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.

Once we were up in the air, it was honestly magical. As far as scenic flights go, this was something special. Flying over the rainforest felt like flying towards Jurassic Park. Seeing the Reef from above just shows you how vast and spectacular it really is. We were up in the air for around 25 mins as we flew out to the pontoon. I could have honestly stayed up there all day if my bank account allowed. We landed on a small pontoon before making our way over to a larger one that the boat was docked too. It never took us long to get stinger suits on and into the water! Mind you, we weren’t in for long before lunch got served and we hopped right back out!


After our buffet lunch, we took a wee trip on the semi-submersible and enjoyed a trip around different parts of the Reef. We got to see a variety of corral, one of them even took around 500 years to grow! When we got back, Suzanne went to sunbathe and I was straight back in the water, snorkelling. Looking around and watching all the jellyfish float around was quite something. I had my Go-Pro at hand and swam around for a good hour or two. Mostly, I followed the bigger fish, just watching them go about their business. I spotted two large clown fish, like Nemo on steroids. Floating in the same space for about 10-15 minutes, watching the clown fish, I’m surprised no-one came to see I was alive and not just a floating body.

Then out the corner of my eye I saw it. A TURTLE!! Suddenly, I wasn’t just a floating body. I started slowly swimming towards it then along side it. Absolutely over the moon that I got to swim beside and video one of these absolutely stunning creatures. It was truly mesmerising watching the turtle glide through the water. It was one of the those moments where I thought to myself, “wow, this is my life”. Truly grateful for what I get to do whilst traveling.

My Thoughts

I honestly think this has been one of my favourite experiences I’ve ever had. Not every day you get one of the scenic flights over the Great Barrier Reef then swim with a turtle there. I’d highly recommend this experience for anyone. It’s one of the opportunities of a lifetime and it might not be around for much longer! Just saying that is quite a terrifying thought.

So that’s the Great Barrier Reef been done again. Thinking of an impromptu visit to an Island or out on the Reef again before we leave. We’ll see what happens and how the weather holds up. Sounds silly but it is coming to the end of wet season. I’ve added a couple of photos for you to check out below. As always leave a wee comment and let me know your thoughts, would you like to do a trip like this?

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