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Scooteroo Motorbikes At 1770

Scooteroo has surprisingly been one of my favourite activities so far! When first booking the activity package, we weren’t sure whether or not to keep it in as a way to save money but I am glad we did. It was an excellent afternoon! If you get the chance, you should definitely do Scooteroo at 1770!


If you go direct through it is $85 for the experience. I’m sure you can book it through most major travel agents for the same price as well. For what you get, $85 is an extremely reasonable price!

The Tour

Getting Organised

The tour starts around 1.30pm/ 2pm depending on the time of the sunset. That gets arranged when you call to reconfirm the tour! Then you meet the guys who run it, they were brilliant. Especially Craig, I got on really well with him, such a lovely guy! Once everyones ready, you get yourself kitted out with a biker jacket and helmet (Flames and all) and a wee photo. Then off to the dirt track for a few laps on the motorbikes, to let you get used to the steering and how it works. I would say they are similar to mopeds but that wouldn’t be doing them justice – I think they go faster! Anyway, once everyone’s had a wee shot, you pick the bike you’ll be using and then you’re set to go. Once everyones engines have started, you get put on the road and the fun begins!

On The Road

Once you’re on the road you drive all over Agnes Water & Seventeen Seventy. The first stop is at a little nature walk but you’re only there for about 15 minutes. Back on the bikes and its through the backroads, spotting kangaroos as they hop around. Then you’ll make a wee stop to get a few more photos and try form a human pyramid! And then… you’re back on the road again. This time you drive up to a little cafe in Seventeen Seventy with some absolutely beautiful views of the marina and the sunset! Absolutely stunning. You can get a snack and chill for a bit then back on the road to finish the tour. All in all, it lasts around 4 hours, about an hour of everyone practicing then 3 hours on the bike. So it’s a decent amount of time on the road!

I’ve said this before but I honestly couldn’t recommend this tour any more! It exceeded all my expectations anyway! From the staff who run it to the actual riding of the motorbike. It’s just a fantastic activity in such a beautiful area!

1770 and Agnes Water have quickly risen to one of my favourite parts of Australia! Have you ever been? How did you enjoy your time there?

Thanks for reading!


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