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Sydney – Brisbane

Since my last post, I’ve managed to get from Sydney to Brisbane. Suzanne wanted a bit of the heat so we headed North on the greyhound bus. For a one way ticket it was $109 and the journey took about 16 hours. I’m constantly surprised and amazed at how massive Australia actually is.

Our journey North started on Saturday 1st September at 6pm, leaving from Central Station, Sydney. It was an overnight bus so we never seen much for majority of the journey. However though, we were awake to see a bit of Byron Bay and Suzanne seen some of the Gold Coast – I had fallen back asleep. We arrived at Roma Street Station, Brisbane, about 10.30am on the Sunday. From there we were on our own trying to find our way to the hostel. We managed to get a bus to Woolloongabba Station and from there it was only a 10 minute walk. That walk though, was torture, in 26 degrees heat and carrying all our bags… Absolute hell.


So first day there, 26 degrees, absolutely magic. It was great feeling the heat from the sun again as we walked around the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, even if I was shattered from a crappy sleep on the bus. After a good sleep that night though, I was up fresh and ready to adventure the next day and what happened… It was raining. The forecast wasn’t great for 3 days, raining each day, but we tried to adventure out a little bit.

Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum, located in the South Brisbane area, was one of the places we managed to go see. Its free admission so why not? It is a pretty cool museum, even if a few of the exhibitions are under renovation. The Ancient Egypt was one in particular that I was gutted about. There was plenty to see though, with dinosaur fossils on display and a variety of animals that had been through the taxidermy process.

The main highlight for me though, was getting to see a Great White Shark up close. I had always wanted to see a real-life Great White but I never imagined it would be a dead one in a glass box. Regardless, I loved it and it really fascinated me. What really impressed me, was the shark was only 2-3 years old when it was caught in 1993. It was still at least 2 meters in length. The shark had been used for research for 20 years before being prepared for display and given to the Queensland Museum.

The Rest Of The Time

Other than the museum, we have just been wandering around really, trying to figure our way about. Because of the rain though we haven’t managed a lot. We managed to find South Banks Parklands and the Brisbane C.B.D. I’ve been looking for jobs and trying to design this site, customizing the layout and such, let me know what you think of it in the comments section! Suzanne has been trying to apply for a ‘big girls’ job with the Queensland Government, it would be absolutely amazing if she got it.

Thanks for reading!


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