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Skydive With Tandem Cairns

Day 2 of our East Coast travels had us jumping out a plane at 14,000ft. UNBELIEVABLE!! Loved every second of it! Another thing checked off the bucket list. Such an amazing experience. The company that we went through is called Tandem Cairns.

Tandem Cairns Skydive

When booking the skydive, there are 2 time slots; 8am or 11am. We opted for the later time so we could have a long lie. Anyway, you arrange a place to be picked up from and then the driver takes you to the airfield. The journey from Cairns takes around an hour and a half. Once you’re there, you check in, get weighed and get prepared. This is where you meet the instructors as well. I was with ‘Damo’ and Suzanne was with ‘Diego’. Both of them were brilliant and extremely helpful! Within 20 minutes, everyone doing the dive is in the plane and ready to go. After a short duration in the air, you reach the altitude, the doors open and you are ready to go. Sitting on the edge and looking down to the Earth is one of the most exciting adrenaline rushes that I’ve ever had!

A second or two pass then the instructor launches you out and into free-fall you go. It sounds terrifying but trust me, its worth it. After a few minutes of free-falling, the instructor pulls the chord and the parachute opens. As a male, I felt a slight discomfort in a certain area but adrenaline was pumping through me and I never cared. It wasn’t the nicest of days when we done it so we ended up going through clouds which was a strange experience! Once the instructor had made sure we were heading in the right direction, he let me have a shot of guiding the parachute – another amazing experience! Eventually it comes to the landing and all you have to do is lift your legs up. The instructor does the rest.

Where To Book, Prices & Heights

You can book this activity at most travel agents in Australia but we went directly through Tandem Cairns because Suzanne got a voucher from her best friend, Alanna. Luckily, we got a deal that saved us around $40 too! So keep an eye out for specials! There are few different heights to jump from, all with different price tags.

  • 14,000ft – $295
  • 10,000ft – $244
  • 7,000ft – $199

Because this was Suzanne and I’s first skydive, we went for the highest we could find at 14,000ft. It was honestly such an unbelievable experience.


There are a few different extra package options for you to choose from as you aren’t allowed to take your own GoPro/ Camera.

  • Photos Only – $99
  • Video Only – $120
  • Video & Photo – $129
  • Outside Camera – $225
  • Beach Landing – $30
  • Ultimate Photo/ Video Package – $250

We opted for the video & photo package and they turned out pretty amazing! Check out the photos….. also if you want to see the video – check out my YouTube channel HERE!! Now that the skydive is over and done with, I’ve noticed that you can upgrade to 15,000ft for an extra $90!

Well that’s another adventure finished. I couldn’t recommend this activity more! What an amazing couple of tours we’ve had! Scuba-Diving one day and Sky-Diving the next! Absolutely brilliant.

Have you ever done a skydive? Where did you do it? This won’t be my last!

Thanks for reading!


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