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Staying at Tamaki Maori Village

Staying in the Tamaki Maori Village was such an amazing experience. Learning about the Maori culture and how they lived, taking part in games and a show was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. There is no other place in the world that you can have an experience like this. Worth ever bit of the $185 I paid for it.

The Accommodation

Upon entering the village, we were greeted by our host for the evening and followed him in to the dining area where we took part in the greeting rituals. The host said a few words in Maori, followed by a song. Then our selected chief stood up, said a few words about why we were there and then we all took part in our song, ‘Agadoo’. After the greeting concluded we sat down to some afternoon tea, absolutely delicious.

Our accommodation for the night were 2 of the guest houses. These were long buildings, intricately designed to represent the anatomy with open arms to welcome you to the house. The inside of the building was lovely too, more intricate designs and plenty of beds. Once we were all sorted in our houses we went on to meet our host again.

The Show And The Meal

Once we met back up with our host, he taught us a song and some hand actions in Maori. He told us we would be performing it in front of all the guests, we thought he was joking… he wasn’t. After we had learnt the song, our host took us outside to play a game all about co-ordination and team work. I never knew throwing sticks to each other could be such a laugh and competitive. We played this right up until all the other guests had arrived to see the evening show.

The show started off in the traditional Maori way where they send out a great warrior to see if the visitors were a threat or if they were there in peace. The chiefs from the visiting busses and our chief were then offered a token/ gift which they were to pick up and hold as a sign that they were there in peace. After this they welcomed our ‘tribes’ to follow them into the village. Within the village there were different areas that taught you about different Maori things such as tattoos, games and the Haka. Then we witnessed the hāngi, the cooking of food in a great hole in the ground. Following that we went on to see a performance from the people of the Tamaki village. Every moment of the evening was educational and fun.

The meal itself was absolutely delicious! There was such a variety of food and everything tasted amazing. I ate so much, it was a nice change to the cheap food I’ve been eating. The desert made it even better, think I had a wee try of everything available. This was honestly the nicest meal I’ve had since I got to New Zealand. Once the meal was over and done with, we were called upon to perform the song that we had been taught. It went pretty well I thought!

The Rest Of The Night

After all the other guests had left it was time to relax and have a drink. What we never knew was that at the side of the village there were a few hot tubs. So the rest of our night was spent chilling out in hot tubs and there was a bar at the area too. We actually managed to drink them dry of wine! The rest of the night flew by but it was such a good laugh with some excellent company.

So aye my time at the Tamaki Maori Village was nothing short of incredible. Definitely an experience thats one of a kind.

Again because of Wi-Fi issues, photos will be up soon.

One Love,


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