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Stuchd an Lochain

With my furlough coming to an end, I decided to make the most of my last Wednesday off and hit the hills. It was quite a chilly day with a sharp wind but the sun was out which made the difference. I decided to head to an area I’m not too familiar with, Glen Lyon with the intentions of climbing 2 Munros. The rain came and put an end to that though. Regardless, another fantastic hike with some beautiful views. A Wednesday well spent if you ask me. Anyway, here’s what to expect if you fancy tackling Stuchd an Lochain…

Stuchd an Lochain

Category – Munro

Height – 960 metres (3,150 ft)

Location – Giorra Dam, near Glen Lyon

Difficulty Rating – 5/10

Approximate Timing – 3 – 4.5 hours

Pronunciation – Stoochk an Lochan

Stuchd an Lochain (peak of the small loch) can be found to the North of Loch Tay. You should be able to put ‘Loch Giorra’ in to a sat nav. If you don’t have one, follow the A85 up towards Crainlarich and take the A827 cut off and drive through Killin and past the Falls of Dochart. Not far along the road, you’ll pass Morenish and about 2 minutes after that you’ll see the sign for the Lawers Reserve. Follow the road to the left. It’ll take you up into the hills. On one side of the road you’ll see Meall Nan Tarmachan, on the other, Beinn Ghlas & Ben Lawers. Keep going past them, and past where you would park for Meall Corranaich & Meall a’Choire Leith. Follow the road until you reach a T junction after a narrow stone bridge. Take the left and continue along that road until you see a sign that reads Lochs Estate. Take that right and head uphill, go through a wee gate and you’ll eventually see the Dam ahead of you. Park up just before it at the sign.

Stuchd an Lochain

Take The Left

Once you’ve parked up, follow the road down and cross the bridge over the wee river. Continue following the path back uphill until you reach the edge of the water. The path continues along to the left, follow it for around 100 yards and you’ll see a small cairn marking the start of the ascent. Come off the road here and make your away up the narrow and slightly eroded path. It makes it’s way up, down and across the slope for some distance before heading directly uphill. Take care at this part, the path is fairly eroded and quite wet, especially after rainfall. After about an hour, the path starts to dry out and a ridge leading up to Creag an Fheadain is reached. There’s a short steep section before reaching the flat top of Creag an Fheadain but when you reach that, it’s relatively easy from there. Once you reach the flat top, you’ll get your first view of Stuchd an Lochain’s summit.

Follow the path heading left (South, South-West), down onto a slight bealach before heading up onto Sròn a’Chona Choirein. Continue along the path with the circular Lochan nan Cat to your right, and Stuchd an Lochain rising in front of you. There’s one final steep push to the summit which is marked by a small cairn. Despite being a relatively small Munro, it boasts some extremely stunning views. Take your time to enjoy them before heading down.

For the descent, it’s best to retrace your steps, following the ridge back along to the flat top of Creag an Fheadain. Take care on the descent from here, the wet and eroded path can be difficult at parts. It doesn’t take long to get back onto the road with the end in sight. A lot of walkers will want to tackle Meall Buidhe on the opposite side of Giorra Dam in the same day. Unfortunately for me, the rain began as soon as I reached the car park. Keep an eye peeled for the next adventure though, I plan on making that my next one.

My Thoughts

Despite the steep start, I quite enjoyed the hike. Once the ridge is reached, it’s pretty easy going to be honest. Even with the dark clouds and rain approaching, the views are incredible. It gave me a whole different view of my recent Munros. It was quite a cold and windy day, I was so close to chucking it. The cold wind and my heavy breathing didn’t mix well, my chest got sore. I’m so glad I never though, delighted to have done it and ticked another one off the list.

As usual, there’s some photos below, hopefully they give you some indication of what to look out for on the hike. You can also check out my YouTube Vlog of it as well… click Stuchd an Lochain to go there now! I’d appreciate a wee subscription on YouTube if you can and on here, the subscription form is on the right (or below)! You’ll get notified of my new adventures soon as they are posted… so if you enjoy reading/ watching these adventures, sign up… it’s free!

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