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The Blue Mountains

Booking The Tour

There are so many different tours that you can book to see the Blue Mountains with various different groups OR you could do it yourself if you hired a camper van or car. Prices vary from around $50 up to $300 but that gets you a couple of days there. We opted for an $86 Sunset Tour with Wildlife Tours. This included us picked up at 9.30am, multiple stops around the Blue Mountains National Park, finishing at Sublime Point to watch the sun set and then back to Sydney.

Euroka Camp Ground

Our first stop was at the Euroka Camp Ground. Rafael, our tour guide, stopped here so we could try get a look at some wild kangaroos – which we luckily did but there was only a few. We also got to see a couple of kookaburras and plenty of cockatoos. With everyone trying to have a bite to eat, both the cockatoos and kookaburras were swooping down and trying to get their own lunch.

Lincoln’s Rock

Next up on the itinerary was Lincoln’s Rock at Kings Tableland. This was our first proper look at the Blue Mountains AND it was breath-taking! We were able to stand right on the cliff edge and appreciate the whole view of the national park – you need to be careful though, there are no barriers between you and the cliff edge. It is truly amazing the way that the whole area looks as though it is covered in a blue haze. This is caused by the eucalyptus tree. Oils are released from the trees and they combine with dust and water particles, so when sunlight hits, it gives the illusion of a blue haze.

Princes Rock/ Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is a three-tiered waterfall, fed by the Jamison Creek. We stopped at Princes Rock where there is a short walking track to a lookout point. There is a bit of a drought covering the majority of New South Wales, with only a very small amount of rainfall so the waterfall wasn’t at its full potential. Regardless though, it was still a beautiful sight.

The Three Sisters

Next up was the most famous part of the Blue Mountains – The Three Sisters. We went to the Echo Point lookout and got a stunning view of the rock formation. There is an aboriginal legend that the Three Sisters were once human and had fallen in love with three men from another tribe but marriage was forbidden due to a tribal law. The three brothers did not want to accept this law so they tried to take the sisters by force. This started a major tribal battle. An elder from the tribe turned the sisters into stone so that they would be protected. That same elder was killed in battle before he could turn them back. The three sisters now stand high over Jamison Valley, stuck in their enchantment, unable to return to human form.

Sublime Point

Our final stop was Sublime Point. It is located right in the middle of all the previous stops that we had. At first it looks like all the trees are in the way but if you follow a footpath down to the viewing area and can see almost 360 degrees of the Blue Mountains National Park. Watching the sun set just behind The Three Sisters was absolutely magical and the perfect way to end the day.

I loved every minute of our trip to the Blue Mountains. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting – I expected to be actually hiking instead of sitting in a bus but once I seen the vast landscape, I understood why – it would take forever. Still it is an amazing day out and I would happily do it all over again.
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