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The Gold Coast Village Roadshow Parks

The Gold Coast made me feel like I was back in Florida, with high rise hotels, beautiful beaches and of course – theme parks. We spent a few days exploring the parks and had a great time!

Prices & Deals

There are a few different pass options for the Village Roadshow Theme Parks. With a choice of:

  • $79 for single entry to one park
  • $129 for 3 parks in 3 days
  • $149 for 3 parks in 7 days
  • $179 for 4 parks in 14 days
  • $215 for 4 parks in 12 months

With the 3 parks, you can get Wet ‘n’ Wild, MovieWorld or SeaWorld and for the 4 parks you also get the choice of Paradise Country. There is a 5th park but I think it’s only accessible by single entry. The prices are pretty steep but good value if you’re going more than one day! You can buy the tickets online at these prices but if you pay upon entry, the prices increase slightly by around $10.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wet ‘n’ Wild is just another waterpark. I’m not going to lie and say it was the best I’ve ever been to, but it is pretty good. There are plenty of rides, a wave pool and a kids section for all to enjoy! It’s definitely worth a visit to have a fun day away from the beach or pool!


MovieWorld is fantastic, it’s all Warner Brothers themed which is excellent for DC comic fans (like myself). Majority of the park is themed around the comic book heroes and villains but there is also a Looney Tunes section for kids, a Wild West section and not to forget the Scooby Doo ride. The rollercoasters are brilliant, a lot better than I was expecting. Overall, MovieWorld is an excellent day out for everyone!


I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been to the Florida Seaworld but this one just didn’t impress me much. There are only a few exhibits, with most of the park being Dolphin enclosures. The highlight of my day was the Polar Bears, they were pretty entertaining to watch but other than that, you have a shark tank, sea lions and penguins. There is also a few rides and a kids section too if you fancy that. If you get the 3 day ticket then it’s a good day out but I’d be quite annoyed if I paid entry to get in the park on its own.

So that’s the 3 parks that I visited during my time in the Gold Coast, there are 2 other Roadshow Village Parks though! I can’t really tell you what they’re like because we never went! So if you’ve been, let me know! We wanted to go to them all but it was a bit too pricey. I done another YouTube video when I was at the parks – you can check it out HERE!!

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2 thoughts on “The Gold Coast Village Roadshow Parks

  1. Wish we had found something like that on our few stops it looked amazing. Shame we didn’t have more time in Australia. Have fun Also would have loved to have met Suzanne. One day??? Auntie Irene.

    1. Hey Auntie Irene! I know, it would have been great to meet up at some point! When we get back to Scotland we can all have a day together so you can meet her, it’s been too long now lol x

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