Australia is huge and getting around can be difficult if you don’t have your own vehicle. Thats where the Greyhound comes in. You can get hop-on, hop-off passes, a one way ticket or a return.
Booking The Greyhound

There are a few different ways to book the Greyhound. You can do it yourself online, book it through a travel agents (such as Peter Pans or Happy Travels) or you can go direct to the Greyhound kiosks/ stores. Personally I’ve booked online once and through the store once. Both times it was relatively cheap for the distance we were travelling. The prices will vary depending on the distance you are travelling, we were $109 for the trip between Sydney and Brisbane then $90 for Brisbane to Hervey Bay).

The Bus Journey

During the journey you often stop at service stations as a break for the driver and for the passengers to stretch their legs. Take your own food and drink or pay high prices at the service stations if you fancy something to eat. Depending on the length of your journey, some of the busses have built in USB ports for charging your phone… some don’t (Our journey from Brisbane to Hervey Bay never).

Meeting People

Unlike the Kiwi Experience in my last transport post, the Greyhound isn’t the greatest way to meet people. Well not from our experiences. The busses that we were on was filled with mostly families or locals and they got off at different stops along the way. Luckily I had Soozie or it would have been a long, boring journey.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helped in some way if your looking to travel in Australia.


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