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The Last Few Days Of Our Road Trip

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Our East Coast road trip is almost over but what a time we’ve had! However, over the last few days of our road trip, the excitement of driving in Australia has left, all we’ve been doing is driving for kilometres on end! Never-the-less there’s been a couple of lovely places along the way….

Kangaroo Valley

We found ourselves a free camp site in Kangaroo Valley, 100 miles South of Sydney. You’ll never guess what we saw there… Kangaroos! The name kind of gives it away. We also saw a few Wombats which was a first, we had only seen them at the Zoo before that! The camp site was in such a beautiful location in a spacious area in the valley, a true hidden gem.


We made our way through the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra. We stopped for a few hours to go visit the Australian Parliament building which was pretty cool (It’s more Suzanne’s thing, she’s into all her politics and that). The city was beautiful though, it was so open. It’s kind of how I imagine Washington D.C. to look! I can’t imagine the people of Canberra see many travellers, we got a few funny looks in our Jucy Camper Van.

Lakes Entrance

We had to stop in at Lakes Entrance to make use of free showers as our last couple of camp sites haven’t had any. From what we saw, it looked like a beautiful little coastal town. As we drove further up, we noticed a wee lookout with picturesque views of the whole area.

Other than that, it’s been constant driving and we’re almost at the end now, we’ll be arriving in Melbourne tomorrow! We just need to pray that we can find employment to keep us going, either that or it’ll be time to head home.

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