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The Long Way Down The South Island

So I’m back on the South Island, making my way down the west coast – towards Queenstown. Not had much in the way of Wi-Fi for the past few days so I’m trying to wrap everything into one. So far on the South Island I’ve not done many adventurous things to be fair but its still been a good laugh.


Kaiteriteri is a wee town/ village pretty much on the edge of the Abel Tasman National Park. Its absolutely gorgeous with the beaches and scenery but unless you have a couple of days, there is really not much to do. We stayed at the Kaiteri lodge for the night – $32 was a bit expensive for what you got. A wee evening stroll and chilled night in the pub on site is about as exciting as it got for me. There were a few activities in the morning at Kaiteriteri. A couple of the girls done a sky dive over Abel Tasman and there was a water taxi/ hike thing as well.

We also stopped at the Nelson Lakes, honestly stunning. Massive lake with a pier, snow capped mountains on one side and forestry on the other. When we were on the pier, you could look over and see so many massive eels, totally puts you off swimming there – never mind the cold weather. Anyway, we thought this would be a good spot for a group pic.


The next stop on the South Island was Westport. We stayed at Bazil’s Hostel that night – $30 but it was definitely well thought out and looked the part. Bazil’s is also a wet hostel, meaning we could drink our own alcohol instead of having to go out. That night we all just chilled, had a wee drink and watched the girls sky dive videos – looked absolute amazing!

The next morning I was up and ready for a 7.30 departure to the beach – I was away to do some surfing. I paid $40 for the equipment rental but had it for near enough 2 hours. For $75 you could get a lesson as well but I’m a self taught man. I think I actually did not too bad for not really knowing what I was doing. Managed to get up quite a few times! After surfing, it was time to meet up with the rest of the bus and head towards Lake Mahinapua. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from Westport but I’ll get a video up ASAP.

Lake Mahinapua

Everyone I had spoken to said Lake Mahinapua was just a party night – they weren’t lying. With not much else to do, the only real activity was a fancy dress party and Pounamu (Greenstone/ Jade carving). I made a wee necklace in the shape of the New Zealand leaf. Nice and simple. Then at night, the party theme was a costume to do with the first letter of your name. Of course at first there is a total mind blank on things that begin with ‘A’ but I decided to try go as ‘ABBA’ – I looked nothing like ABBA. None-the-less I got done up and went down. Everyone looked amazing! I hadn’t been feeling 100% for a few days and the cold breeze and wearing a thin dress just never went. So. I went back to the dorm, changed into my hiking gear and returned as Action Man. Despite having the cold, I had a really good night and I’m pretty sure everyone else did as well.

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