The Past Few Days

So over the course of the last few days, the weather hasn’t been the greatest. I arrived in Taupo with the worst news possible – the Tongariro Crossing expeditions weren’t going ahead because the weather forecast wasn’t looking good. Absolutely gutted I never got to climb Mount Doom but it gives me a cracking reason to return. Then we stopped in River Valley, middle of nowhere with limited Wi-Fi and no phone signal. I’m currently in Wellington and will be for the next few days.


I stayed in the Base Hostel again in Taupo, relatively cheap and cheerful and actually a very nice hostel. The first night in Taupo was a great laugh, we all went to Element (Pub at the side of the hostel). There was a pub quiz that night too and we managed to win it. The winners got a $75 bar tab but we managed to get a round of jaegers for 13 of us instead. For the rest of the night we all just danced about and drank, had a right good laugh.

The following day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I was slightly hungover but nothing extreme like I usually get. I was meant to be doing a cruise on Lake Taupo but no one really fancied it and the weather didn’t help. Instead I took a stroll up to the Huka Falls and some natural hot springs. The Huka Falls were gorgeous. The water was almost turquoise, it looked amazing. After a 2 hour walk, it was good to relax in the hot springs. We ended up sitting in them for a good hour or two. At night we went and found another pub quiz in the Irish bar round the corner. Unfortunately this time we didn’t win, I reckon we were cheated.

River Valley

Our next stop was River Valley. Literally a lodge in the middle of nowhere but with a few activities available. You could do white water rafting or horse riding but due to the weather they never went ahead. So there was only one thing for it – drink. It was a great night, everyone together just having a good time. Everyone was a bit worse for wear the next day. I’m quite gutted that the weather was so bad, I’d have quite liked to explore River Valley. From what I had seen it looked gorgeous. I can’t really say much more about River Valley, hopefully one day I’ll go back and do a bit more.


Back in Wellington again, staying at the Base Hostel. I managed to change my bus pass so that I can spend a few more days here instead of just 1 night. There is so much I want to see and do in Wellington. Today, I went to the Te Papa museum. Free entry and plenty to see and do in there. I really enjoyed the WW1 and Maori exhibits, they were really well done. Also the art gallery was pretty cool! I must have spent about 2 or 3 hours wandering around the different floors, taking it all in.

After the museum I just wandered around aimlessly, trying to navigate my way round Wellington and seeing what it had to offer. If all things go to plan, I’ll climb Mount Victoria tomorrow – apparently there is another Lord of the Rings filming location there. Also I must do the Weta Workshop and Cave tour before I leave.

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