The Sydney Trilogy


Apart from Suzanne arriving on the Friday, my 3rd week in Sydney was pretty boring. I spent my time mostly looking for work or eating.

Job Hunting

I completed all the questions for my white card and paid for it… I just had to do a video and audio assessment. This meant having to go buy myself PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and record a video of me putting it on and explain how to adjust it. I finally managed to buy some, record the video and get my white card approved so now its just a case of waiting on it being delivered. In the mean time I’ve been at a few different interviews for the experience. Unfortunately still no further ahead but my aim is now set towards either construction work or getting my farm work over and done with. I’m going to be in Sydney for at least another week. I might head elsewhere with Suzanne now.

Changing Hostels

Another big change, other than having Suzanne with me, was changing hostels so we were in the same one. The hostel I had stayed in for the past 2 weeks was brilliant and I loved it, everyone was so friendly and it was always clean. Granted it had its flaws (Showers weren’t always hot) but I could look past that. The first hostel that I stayed at with Suzanne wasn’t the best but it could have been worse. It felt more like staying in someones house than a hostel and it wasn’t the cleanest. However, I quite liked it, it was pretty chilled out and not overly busy but Suzanne wasn’t a fan.

We have now moved in to another hostel and apart from some of the ‘guests’ its an alright hostel. Those ‘guests’ seem like total a*seholes though. (Apologies for the language, its the best word I could use!) Anyway besides them, it seems like a nice enough hostel and hopefully i’ll enjoy my stay. If not then its only 5 nights and I’m out of here.

As always I’m going to promise to work on this with the intentions of doing it. I’m going to have to allocate at least 1 day a week to it or pray for rain. With Suzanne here though I’m finally ‘allowed’ to go to Bondi Beach and we’re going to be getting up to a lot of stuff so I’ll have more to talk about within the next week or so.

Thanks for reading!

One Love,


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