Travel Day(s)

Saying Goodbye.

So the day has finally come to leave home and begin my travels. What no-one tells you (well not that I’ve read anyway) is how hard it is to leave to go travel. Leaving all the boys and saying goodbye was difficult, especially Scoob, he’s like the brother I never had. Then leaving my mum and dad at the airport was honestly one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. It was hard leaving my girlfriend, Suzanne, there too but I’ll see her in 7 weeks when she comes out to join me. I know they are only a phone call away but thats not the point. I’m a mammy and daddy’s boy that has stayed at home for 24 years and not seeing them all the time is going to be strange and hard to get used to. Sitting in the airport by myself with my eyes watering every now and then and a million thoughts racing through my head; ‘is this a good idea, will I like it, what would happen if I turned back now?’ Thankfully though I’m stubborn and there was no chance of turning back this early. Plus my mate, Boab, tried to do this and lasted under 2 weeks so I need to beat that lol.

Flight to Dubai.

My first flight was to Dubai and took around 7 and a half hours to get there. Once I had boarded the plane it was like all doubt vanished, I definitely wanted to travel and so the excitement built up. It was my first time flying with Emirates and I now realise what I’ve been missing. The food was absolutely delicious and the seats had plenty of leg room and were pretty comfy for the most part. I decided I would start a film or 2 to pass the time and settled on ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy. Watching the first film, ‘An Unexpected Journey’, the excitement to see ‘The Shire’ and other areas of ‘Middle Earth’ grew significantly. Tried to keep myself awake for the full flight to sleep on the next one and get into a bit of a rhythm but failed at the last hour as I tried to watch Blue Planet – That boy Attenborough has a soothing voice!

Dubai Airport.

Everyone had told me this was a big airport but it still took me by surprise, the place is MASSIVE! I never got much time to explore with having just under 2 hours to get through security and find my next boarding gate. Pretty gutted I never got to look around but I’m sure I’ll get the chance another time.

Flight to Christchurch via Sydney.

About 13 hours from Dubai – Sydney and then a wee wait and a further 2 and a bit hours from Sydney – Christchurch. I tried to sleep on the first part to split it up a bit and get into a bit of a routine, got a good few hours but it never made the flight feel any quicker. After what felt like the 100th security check at Sydney I was back on the plane and on my way to Christchurch. This flight wasn’t too bad, it was quite a short flight but I’ve had my fair share of aeroplane journeys in the past 2 days. Have to admit though the flight into Christchurch and seeing all the mountains covered in snow was pretty amazing.

Over the course of my travel day(s) I’ve come to realise just how mentally hard it is to go through with travelling. Never did I think that it would be as difficult saying goodbye to everyone, especially in this day in age where I can skype or facetime no bother. I hadn’t even reached Christchurch, New Zealand and I was already a bit homesick! So aye if your anything like me and if your considering going travelling for a length of time be prepared for some tears.

Cheers for reading,

One Love,


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